Hi everyone-¬†As some of you are aware, last summer we decided to team up with a good friend who was developing several tools for Unity, mainly “RepTile” and “QuickBrush”. We gave the tools our “ProCore” branding, promoted them, and generally helped launch them¬†through this site/social/etc. Unfortunately, the author (PlayTangent) was unable to continue development, with both tools about 90% complete, leaving many of you understandably confused, frustrated, and/or angry.

We really, genuinely apologize for this, we can’t say that enough. We’re developing tools to make game dev fun, not to frustrate, so this was a complete failure on our part- in hindsight, simply waiting till RepTile and QuickBrush were fully developed, or promoting but not branding the tools, would have been a much better decision.

Here’s the important part though- we’re working to fix this:

Several months ago, we purchased QuickBrush from the author, and are now continuing it’s development ourselves. It’s a great tool that many people enjoy, yet simple enough that we (by we, I mean Karl, our lone tech-dev) can decipher and develop it forward.

RepTile is a much more complicated tool, and taking over it’s development is not something we can do right now. Instead, we are offering to take the full purchase cost, $55 for most users, as a discount on any of our own tools. This discount is available immediately, just send us your original purchase invoice and we’ll create a personal discount code for you to use, anytime.

For everyone affected, we are very sorry for this mess, and hope these solutions will help rebuild your trust and confidence.

Gabriel W/Karl H