ProBuilder v2.6 is a major update, with several new tools + many improvements and bugfixes.

View the video below for a demonstration of new features, and scroll further for the complete changelog. Always remember to make a backup before updating any tool in your Unity project!

ProBuilder 2.6.0f1 Complete Changelog

## Features

– Add `Bevel Edges` action.
– Add `Fill Hole` action to quickly insert a face in a mesh hole (with option to fully select and fill hole or just the selected parts).
– Completely rewritten documentation:
– Add `Select Hole` menu action to quickly select the edges of any hole touching a selected vertex.
– Add a preference to disable “Precise Element Selection.” When disabled edge and vertex modes will always select an edge or vertex no matter how far from the element they are.
– Add “Break Texture Groups” button to UV editor.
– Add non-manifold edge extrusion pref to Extrude Edge settings window.
– Replace mesh optimation functions with faster and more accurate versions.
– Improve performance of topology query operations (Grow Selection, Shrink Selection, Edge Loop, Edge Ring).
– `Center Pivot` action now available in Basic.
– Add Generate UV2 toolbar entry when “Disable Auto UV2 Generation” is enabled.
– Add a delegate in `pb_EditorUtility` to notify subscribers when a new pb_Object has been initialized.
– New API example `Tools > ProBuilder > API Examples > Log Callbacks Window` demonstrates hooking into various editor delegates.
– Adds an experimental new option to store Mesh objects as Assets in the project so as not to clutter the Unity scene file. Use with a prefab for maximum scene lean-ness. Enable this feature in Preferences/ProBuilder/Experimental/Meshes Are Assets.
– Add support for local/common toggles in Edge Debug mode.
– Add `Select Holes` action to editor toolbar (selects all connected open edge paths).
– `Connect {Edge, Vertices}` re-factored for speed and more robust edge case handling.
– New “Options” button for toolbar icons.
– Improve performance of `Delete Faces` action.
– Improve performance of `Subdivide` action.
– Add `Alt-S` shortcut for `Subdivide` action.
– Add option to `Mirror` action to either duplicate or move the selection when mirroring.

## Bug Fixes

– Fix some instances where modifying a mesh would result in NaN warnings.
– Fix icosphere audio example scene in ProBuilder Basic.
– Add `Center Pivot` action to menu.
– Bypass sRGB sampling for icons, fixing dark appearance in pro skin.
– Fix regression where switching between icon mode and text mode in toolbar would sometimes not immediately reload the toolbar.
– Fix an issue where meshes would be discarded and rebuilt on every instance id change, which Unity does a lot. The result of constant mesh rebuilds being invalidating the lightmap, making getting a decent bake very difficult.
– Ignore API examples in any build target that hasn’t been tested (which is all of them save for standalones).
– Fix edge extrusion leaving black geometry when extrusion fails.
– Add extrude settings button to edge extrude toolbar item.
– Add a single context-sensitive Extrude shortcut so that super+e works properly in both edge & face modes.
– Fix ‘KeyNotFound’ exception when centering pivot sometimes.
– Fix UV3/4 assignment and getter functions reading out of bounds channel index.
– Fix Delete key notification not showing.
– Fix editor toolbar “leaking” due to incorrect hideflags in Unity 4.
– Fix cases where user could provide bad input to Arch generator.
– Fix `Weld Vertices` not welding vertices in some cases.
– Set detail pb_Objects with ReflectionProbeStatic flags.
– Fix key shortcuts for hidden but enabled menu actions not working.
– Don’t show hover tooltips if mouse is outside window bounds.
– Fix some edge cases in `Conform Normals` action.
– Fix `Grow Selection` itererative field incorrectly being disabled when “Grow by Angle” is off.
– Fix issue where n-gons with > 90 degree angles would not auto UV unwrap correctly.
– Fix some cases where subdivide would fail due to non-planar vertex positions on a face.
– Fix bug where extruding edges or faces would sometimes align the inserted face normals incorrectly.
– Hide geometry actions when in object mode.
– Fix edge selection when mouse is hovering an object not in the selection but a valid edge is within distance of mouse.
– Fix bug where subdividing a face with an adjacent concave n-gon would break the adjacent face.
– When generating the menu item text for shortcuts always use lower case, since Mac doesn’t recognize upper case as shortcuts. Fixes an issue with shortcuts not working on OSX.
– Support cases where texture groups on pb_Object aren’t in linear order.
– Clear debug lines when a selected object is deleted.
– Fix bug where `Detach Faces` to submesh would incorrectly split all the detached selection vertices.
– Put UV Editor in namespace, preventing errors where common function names would be confused with other assets.
– In `pbUndo` use each individual object vertex count when deciding whether to diff or store object state for undo. Fixes hang when performing actions with small selections on large objects.
– Lower UV toolbar buttons by 1px when not using the Command GUIStyle since Button style adds 1px padding.
– When building ProBuilder delete user generated folders so that upgrades don’t overwrite them.

## Changes

– Menu toolbar re-arranged for consistency.
– Remove UV2 generation parameters from pb_Object.
– Add a public function for setting tangents on pb_Objects.
– Deprecate GenerateUV2 extension method since mesh optimization is now an intertwined process.
– Improve hashing function in IntVec3 and Edge.
– Suffix pb_Math.Approx functions to make implicit casting of vectors more difficult to do accidentally.
– Move “World Space” toggle up in the Auto UV editor
– In Auto UV mode rename the scale property `Tiling`.
– `Detach Selection` now behaves like toolbar option panel instead of popup.
– Remove unnecessary option to save duplicates of selected gameobjects when using `Merge Objects` action.
– In addition to changing the icon and text, also show a brief explanation of the current handle alignment mode in the tooltip.
– Move Mirror to object level, making it an action instead of panel popup.