ProBuilder v2.6.1 is available now- this update includes several new features, plus bug fixes and changes.

View the complete changelog below. Always remember to make a backup before updating any tool in your Unity project!

ProBuilder 2.6.1f0 Complete Changelog

# ProBuilder 2.6.1f0

## Features

– Add `Triangulate Face` action.
– Add ability to view UV2/3/4 channels in UV Editor.
– Add ability to edit per-object UV2 generation parameters in the Generate UV2 options menu.
– Improve performance of “Grow Selection” when flood selecting with angle restriction.
– Improve performance of some selection actions when in face mode.
– Add RenameNewObjects script to API examples folder (shows use of OnProBuilderObjectCreated delegate).
– Add “Select Faces with Material” and “Select Faces with Vertex Color” to the Selection menu.
– New options icon in toolbar: gear instead of triple lines.

## Bug Fixes

– Fix “About” window showing every changelog ever instead of just the latest.
– Fix bug in pb_Math.Normal(pb_Face) overload that would potentially return normals facing the wrong direction if fed ngons.
– Fix UV Editor incompatibilities with retina display on macOS.
– Fix bold label text color in Debug Window when Pro skin is used.
– Increase max allowed vertex handle size to 3 to accomodate macOS retina display.
– Fix import settings for `Center Elements` disabled icon.
– In ProBuilder-ize function don’t bother showing ‘include children’ dialog if the top selection already contains all valid meshfilters
– Fix Advanced icon in PB Basic rendering blurry in toolbar.
– When freezing transforms also apply rotation in world space. Fixes some issues when freezing hierarchies of objects.
– Fix bug where edge ring would include faces with odd number of edges.
– Added “Fill Hole” and “Subdivide Edge” to documentation.
– Fix occasionally flipped face normals when connecting edges or vertices on n-gons.
– When connecting edges weed out any edges that don’t connect to anything, preventing accidental edge subdivisions.

## Changes

– Make default angle error for uv2 unwrap a little higher to avoid bad unwraps in some common cases.
– Move ProBuilder-ize function to menu actions.