ProBuilder 2.8.1f0


  • Improve grid snapping when placing
  • Poly Shapes
  • Add a callback when a mesh is rebuilt (pb_EditorUtility.AddOnMeshCompiledListener)
  • Remove max width limitation on Material Editor window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect UV render scaling on retina and other scaled screens
  • Fix deprecated warnings on Handles calls in Unity 5.6
  • Fix Icosphere API example deprecated function calls in Unity 5.6
  • Fix UnityObjectToViewPos warnings Unity 5.6
  • Fix Poly Shape not generating UV2 for mesh
  • Catch an occasional Null Reference when viewing UV2 channel
  • Fix Null Reference in Poly Tool undo callbacks
  • Fix errors in adding pb_Entity script during repair mesh references action
  • Improve consistency of Vector2/3/4 hashing functions
  • Fix particularly slow function in MergeFaces action
  • Fix preferences GUI layout.


  • Start Poly Shape height at 0
  • First Poly Shape click always sets pivot.