ProBuilder 2.9.7f5


  • Unity 2017.3 beta support
  • New toolbar icons (Right/Context + Click in Toolbar -> Use Icon Mode)
  • Significantly improved quad detection in ProBuilderize function
  • ProBuilderize now able to import smoothing groups
  • Support exporting quads to FBX format (requires Unity FbxExporter in project)
  • Newly redesigned `Smooth Groups Editor`
  • New `Select Face Loop` and `Select Face Ring` actions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix possible null reference when picking ProBuilder objects
  • Fix “Select Hole” disappearing instead of showing as disabled
  • Fix “Extrude Face” disabled icon not matching current mode
  • Fix Standard Vertex Color shader preventing builds on some platforms when fog is enabled.


  • Don’t show `pb_Lightmapping` warnings by default
  • Smoothing groups may now extend beyond the 42 provided in the editor. Any smoothing group between 1 and 24, or greater than 42 is treated as a smooth face (currently only accessible in code)
  • Set ProBuilder Standard Vertex Color shader fallback to “Standard.”