Changelog: ProBuilder 2.8.0f1


– New “Poly Shape” interactive shape (View Poly Shape Documention and Video)
– New “Bezier Shape” interactive shape¬†(View¬†Bezier Shape Documention and Video)
– Unity 5.6 beta compatibility.
– Improve default UV layouts for new shapes.
– Add a shader for reference billboard planes (“ProBuilder/Reference Unlit”).

Bug Fixes

– Fix material editor applying to child transforms of selection.
– Fix instantiated objects not getting a UV2 channel when “Auto Generate UV2” is enabled.
– Material Editor now works with a relative path.
– Fix incorrect handle rotations in Element mode.
– About Window now loads even when not in *Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder*.
– Address a rare NullReferenceException when ProBuilder Editor is initialized.
– Don’t spam Console with errors if update check fails to connect (only affects WebPlayer target).
– Add a more descriptive message to update check if connection fails.


– Automatically toggle Detail Entity Type object’s lightmapping static flag, preventing broken lightmap atlases.