Polybrush v0.9.9 BETA

This update includes a completely new GUI and several additional features. See the new video for GUI info, and changelog below for specific changes, bug fixes, etc.

Roadmap to Final Version:

  • Mesh-scattering brush to replace QuickBrush
  • More shaders for blending textures easily

# Polybrush 0.9.9b0

## Features

– Redesigned interface.
– Add support for “Additional Vertex Streams” workflow.
– Unity 5.5 beta compatibility.
– Add ability to save brush setting modifications to preset.
– Enable multiple axes of mirroring.
– Show color palette as a set of swatches instead of a reorderable list.
– Improve performance when painting larger meshes.
– Handle wireframe and outline disabling/re-enabling correclty in Unity 5.5.
– Clean up various 5.5 incompatibilities.
– Add a question mark icon to header labels with link to documentation page.
– Improve performance by caching mesh values instead of polling UnityEngine.Mesh.
– Improve memory pooling in some performance-critical functions.
– Manual redesigned to better match ProBuilder.
– Mode toolbar now toggles Polybrush on/off when clicking active mode.

## Bug Fixes

– Fix cases where pb_Object optimize could be skipped on undo.
– Fix import settings for icons.
– Don’t leak brush editor objects if the brush target has changed.
– Fix serialization warnings on opening editor in Unity 5.4.
– Mark z_Editor brushSettings as HideAndDontSave so that loading new scenes doesn’t discard the instanced brush settings, resulting in NullReference errors in the Brush Editor.
– Destroy BrushEditor when z_Editor is done with it so that unity doesn’t try to serialize and deserialize the brush editor, resulting in null reference errors.
– Fix texture brush inspector always showing a scroll bar on retina display.
– Fix bug where the texture brush would show a black swatch on the mesh after a script reload.
– Remove shift-q shortcut since it’s inconsistent and when it does work interferes with capital Qs.
– Fix bug where OnBrushExit sometimes wouldn’t refresh the mesh textures.
– Layer texture blend shaders instead of summing.

## Changes

– “Raise” mode is now “Push Pull.”
– Remove vertex billboards from mesh sculpting overlay in favor of just the wireframe.