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Faces are turning black when editing the geometry

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Hello everybody,

I am completely new to pro builder and I encountered a strange behavior of my object when I try to edit its geometry.


I have a simple cube and I want to "flatten" the edges like this:




But when I move the verticies further out I get something that looks like this:




What happens here? I just split the edges of the cube and moved the verticies. 

Thanks in advance!

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Quick note: what are you using to "flatten" those corners? Looks like you have unconnected verts there, which will get ugly fast.

You can save a lot of time and get a better result by using the fancy new Bevel tool! :) Here's a link to the Docs: http://procore3d.github.io/probuilder2/toolbar/edge/#bevel

And here's the video:


Hope that helps! :)

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