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Found 3 results

  1. First i download Probuilder lite version to test. With it I design a lot of beutifull things for my game, for example I design a building like the "Mezquita de Cordoba" (the spanish Cordoba Mosque & Cathedral) I was very happy with this design. I think: "if i can design so beautifull things with the free version of probuilder, what can i design with the advanced version?" Then i decide to upgrade. I buy the Probuilder Advanced and later when i go to my game to use the gameobjects i design with Probuilder basic, i discover that all of them was now without any material. I lost all the colors i get in my beautifull temple. Then i think i can modify to add again the materials, but each time i try to drag and drop any material to any gameobject design with Probuilder Basic, i get the same result, the material disapear. I can't get back the beautifull colors to my design.
  2. Editor version: 5.1.1f1 ProBuilder version: 2.2.1f4 Problems: -For cylinders you can´t move those vertex at all, or even select faces to do an extrusion and most of the time it just brakes for only having them there. With pipes if you scale the vertex the mesh also brakes. Were there more meshes in previous versions? Spheres, torus, etc? none of that is here. -In preivous versions, faces used to work pretty flawless, but now if you make a few extrusions you may or may not break the model, wich is making the package pretty usless because that was what really worked. -In most cases ctrlZ won´t bring back the mesh right if it broke, you´ll have to go a millions steps before recovering some of your work. -At times you can´t scale (the manipulator won´t change), or certain things refuse to enter into geometry mode. -Very important: If you export everything in your scene, it comes as one whole and even with some strange meshes completly broke. If you separate them it breaks into mesh components instead of in different objects. If you export mesh by mesh there are line errors in all of them that you´d have to change manually in the obj with a text editor till kingdom come. Console errors: 1)IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. pb_Edge.VerticesWithEdges (.pb_Edge[] edges, UnityEngine.Vector3[] vertices) (...) 2)MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'UnityEngine.GameObject.get_renderer'. 3)NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object pb_Shortcut.IndexOf (.pb_Shortcut[] shortcuts, KeyCode k, EventModifiers e) (...)
  3. Hello! I've been having a hard time upgrading to the latest version 2.3. I'm running Unity 4.5.3f3 and ProBuilder 2.1.1. I also have ProGrids 1.5 installed. When I go to import the newest Probuilder I get errors from the MirrorTool.cs script saying that 'pb_object' is not defined. Here's the log http://puu.sh/bLDGR/5b97c7c7ef.png. So I tried just deleting that file and then reimported probuilder and everything seemed ok. But the problem now is that when I click on a probuilder object in one of my scenes built using the previous version, I get hundreds of errors like this: http://puu.sh/bLDUv/d3317c35df.png Not sure what to do next. Also do I have to now have a 6by7 folder and a ProCore folder? Thanks for any help!