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Found 4 results

  1. Superking12

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Stopping by to say hi. New to probuilder but love it already! I'm starting a project with procedural generation and I'm wondering if there are many examples of probuilder being used for this in the past. I'm also a big fan of Playmaker and curious if there is much support out there for it?
  2. SteinW.

    Hi, everybody! :-)

    Hi! My name is Stein Walsberg, well....it's not my real name. It's the name I use in game development. :-) I am 42 years old, live in Norway where I live with my wife who also help me with graphics and design for my games. I Use Unity together with Playmaker. Released only one game so far. A very small game for Android. I'm currently working on a game, a remake of a game from Commodore 64. Here I will also use the fantastic tool "Pro Builder". I'm also a music composer, even if it's not my main priority. Unity takes to much time, but I try to compose a little bit when I feel for it. :-) I started to compose back in 1989 on Amiga 500 with trackerbased musicprogram called Sound Tracker. I also do a little bit 3D modeling in Blender, but I'm still learning. I know the very basic. :-) Please take a look at our homepage: http://www.walsberg.no You will see some drawings, paintings, etc. from my wife. And also my first game, "Drop n' Shoot" Or my gameblog: http://www.retro-tetro.walsberg.no I haven't updated it for a while, but I will. :-) Have a nice day! Best regards Stein
  3. TrickyHandz

    PlayMaker Actions for ProBuilder

    I figured it would be best to start a new thread for this one. The discussion of PlayMaker actions for ProBuilder was originally in this thread: [FIXED] mesh filter + spawn. However, seeing as this may expand into more actions to cover use cases, I thought the topic deserved a new thread to keep everything neatly organized and easy to access. I believe there should be a set of standards for these custom actions, but as I'm still new to PlayMaker I would appreciate input from anyone else in the community to help establish these rules for making actions that allow ProCore tools to accessed through PlayMaker. I look at this as a community project, unless no one else is interested in writing code, in which case just tell me what you think would be useful. Remember that PlayMaker is for runtime code only, so I won't be able to write actions for custom editor behaviors...as far as I know. NOTE: Code files will be attached to this post, size permitting, with a text extension (.txt). Simply remove the .txt extension and import the C# file into your project. CUSTOM PLAYMAKER ACTION(S) InstantiateProBuilderObject (NOT NEEDED AFTER PB v2.3.1f1) FILE INFO: Name: InstantiateProBuilderObject.cs Class Name: InstantiateProBuilderObject Attached here as: InstatiateProBuilderObject.cs.txt PLAYMAKER INFO: Action Browser Section: ProBuilder Action Name: Instantiate Pro Builder Object Action Description: Instantiates a Prefab created from a ProBuilder Object Action Information: Requires a Prefab to be defined or you get some nice warnings/errors from PlayMaker Allows for assignment of a "SpawnPoint" GameObject. Allows assigning of Vector3 Position for instantiation. If there is a spawn point defined this is a local offset. Allows assigning of Vector3 Rotation for instantiation. This overrides the rotation of a spawn point if one is defined. All Quaternion conversion is handled. All Action variables have Tooltips for quick reference. If only the Prefab is defined it will spawn based on prefabs transform properties. ***** UPDATE : 13 August 2014 **** - Changed references to PlayMaker "Tooltip" attribute to include full namespace declaration "HugtongGames.PlayMaker.Tooltip". This was causing a conflict after v4.5.x of Unity. InstantiateProBuilderObject.cs.txt
  4. Hi Guys, I am trying to do editing of a mesh at runtime. Currently I have the face part working but I am trying to do vert, edge and then uv stuff. I am running into some problems with 24 vertices showing up for a standard procbuilder cube when i expected it to be 8? I think this might be doing a loop for the number of vertices per face. As a cube has 6 faces and 4 vertices for face. Thats 6 x 4 = 24. I am just trying to highlight each of the verts with a cube at the moment so I could then move the mini cube and have the vert update and follow it. But is there any built in highlight or gizmo stuff I could use? I also wanted to ask if this would would for building walls in an RTS. I am currently digging through the dll file but its hard to find information on this stuff. Thanks for your help guys, Jonathan