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Found 3 results

  1. mr_dude


    I have enjoyed Unity for several years and am really enjoying Pro Builder and Pro Grids. I do have a question about vert snapping in Pro Builder. I can snap fine the verts that are along an XYZ axis, but if not the snapping on axis, Pro Builder looks elsewhere rather than the vert I am attempting to snap to. Is there another key that I should press rather than "V"?
  2. chancetouchstone

    Hello Community! ~Chance

    Hello Community! I'm a senior developer and indie game dev (when I can find the time). I'm currently working on my 2nd title and I've been watching for a sale on ProCore to use for my 3rd project. Well today is my lucky day! It's 50% off! Well... While (ProCore == Sale) { Chance > Happy } I won't be an active member of the comm until I complete my current project but I'm very eager to get started. Perhaps this will PROpel me (you see what I did there?! lol) to wrap up my current project ahead of schedule. Anyway, I'm excited and I'll probably rely on you guys to help me get up to speed. So thanx in advance! ]> ~Chance
  3. GoCatGo


    Greetings all -- I'm D.A., a designer out in the wilds of Pinal County, Arizona. Looking forward to posting, reading, and participating is some "Build A Classic Level" competitions! I've got the entire ProCore plethora of tools (excepting Prototype) in my aresenal. Always looking to improve my level design skills since I focus more on game mechanisms and AI. Best wishes!