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Found 2 results

  1. First of all I wanna say that ProBuilder is great, it was a good investment. Despite running in to a few issues here and there, I am extremely impressed with what you guys have produced here. Secondly this could just be down to me not completely understanding something. I am working on project that has very precise objects which are mostly box shaped and my textures are low-res pixel art. When applying texture to an object I need it to be pixel accurate so a grid feature is extremely convenient. I am aware the UV Editor has a grid, however the grid size is far too big. I know of the option in the preferences called "UV Snap increment" but when I attempt to change it, I notice no change to the grid at all, this could be either I am misunderstanding what the option does or the option isn't working/is bugging out. Is there any possibility of having such a grid control within the UV editor itself?
  2. Hey guys, first of all I am using Prototype and Pro Grids 2 and you really did a great job on them. However if I start replacing the Prototype Cubes, with my real objects, they are starting to snap weirdly. I think it is because the Pivot Point of them is in the Center and the Grid is always snapping the Object to the Pivot Point right? Any Suggestions on how I may fix this? E.g. I built a simple Plane, but after snapping, it got some really weird coords and I cannot place any other object right on its surface. It is eather cut in half by the plane or floating above it. thanks in advance