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  1. On 6/5/2017 at 0:57 PM, karl said:

    This has been fixed and will be in the next update. Thanks for contributing this bug report!

    Which version has this been fixed in? I updated recently and am still experiencing flipped U coordinated in automatic UV mode with merged faces.

    Edit: I was having another issue so I did a clean install of ProBuilder and it is working correctly now. Thank you for completing this fix :)

  2. 21 hours ago, karl said:

    It's because you have "Auto Generate UV2" disabled. Once you generate the UV2 channel for the objects they will automatically have the Lightmap UV flag turned on again.

    The reason for doing this is that objects marked as "Lightmap Static" with either bad or missing UV2s will introduce artifacts in the lightmap texture.

    Ah ok. I had Auto Generate UV2 disabled because it wasn't reliably regenerating the the UV2s in an earlier version and I guess the setting carried over because I didn't do a clean install.

    By the way, is there a way to set the default UV2 parameters? I'm using low res (Quake-like) lightmaps and the Pack Margin must be set to at least 32 or there will be significant light bleeding errors. Setting the parameters every time I use the New Shape button gets tedious.

  3. I'm having an issue where the default static flags for new ProBuilder Objects doesn't include Lightmap Static, which it did before. I can't find a default setting to change this, but it's not really an issue, manually checking LMS isn't that much trouble, but several types of PB operations will cause a PBO to automatically uncheck its LMS flag.

    As tagged, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I don't understand something about the ProBuilder workflow; however this has only been an issue for me since I updated to the most recent Asset Store version of PB.

  4. I see this seems to have been added since I was last around, which is exciting, however it has a bug: In orthographic view the major grid line is always on the 10, no matter what your "Major Line Increment" is set. This is a pretty unfortunate bug since I exclusively use the visual grid in orthographic views.

  5. 4 hours ago, GabrielW said:

    Hi Spooky- sorry about that, I'll ping Karl on this and see what's happening there. He's out till Monday, so it might be a few days till he/I can send any new info, but we'll make sure it gets moving ASAP :)

    Thanks. I'm back to having time to work on my game and I realized my merged faces were still getting flipped. It'll be good to finally get a fix :)

  6. Removing unused faces of ProBuilder objects is convenient and efficient, but in my experience it frequently results in a lot of other issues (shadowing issues, unreliable thin colliders, etc.) so I've gone back to the standard Quake practice of setting unused faces to the NoDraw material, which as expected, removes the faces from the geometry entirely at runtime, while also allowing them to cast shadows in baked lighting and generally resolving my other issues with removing faces. The only problem is that using NoDraw faces in combination with baked lighting the NoDraw faces still receive lightmapping and occupy a huge amount of the lightmaps.

    Realistically this is likely a problem with Unity itself (for one, it should know better than to lightmap materials with unlit shaders!), but I was thinking it might be possible to solve the issue by forcing NoDraw faces to be scaled to 0 in the UV2 generation process so that they don't occupy any lightmap area.

    As a side note it would also be nice if there was a way to toggle the visibility of NoDraw faces in the editor as well, since that's one advantage of manually removing the unused faces: there are fewer view obstructions while editing.

  7. So I've discovered an elusive bug that seems to have been introduced in with the UV2 Generation Options window. I'm not sure exactly how to reproduce it, but sometimes after editing a PBO the UV2s will not be generated correctly and result in characteristic glitchy lightmaps. Manually generating the UV2s (selection or scene) does not solve the issue. I've discovered that changing the Pack Margin will force a correct rebuild.


    Edit: I meant to put this in Bug Reports, got lost.

  8. I just pushed the update this afternoon, let me know how it works for you!

    Ok, so the new/default settings after the update are causing more light bleeding error. The good news is that I can mostly* eliminate it using the new generation settings.


    Mostly because even at the maximum slider value of 64 some objects are still receiving a partial lightmap texel (luxel). While it's still not perfect this is still a vast improvement over receiving one or more entire luxels and proves my hypothesis (which means it can be solved, and it's not an unfixable issue with Beast) so I'm very appreciative of this update!


    I believe the issue is that, at least within the ranges of values I have tested, there does not appear to be any pixel difference in the resulting lightmap (See attachment) faces of individual objects are still edge to edge even at the maximum Pack Margin value. The magenta area is the same lightmap without padding on Beast. Is there any way PB could create similar padding?


    As a side note, it would be nice if there were a way to set defaults for the UV2 settings for new PBOs so I don't have to set them on every object. :)


    Edit: Nevermind, everything seems to be working acceptably after some tweaking! Thanks!


  9. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it's unexpected and undesirable behavior: sometimes when merging faces the U of the UV for the new merged face is flipped.


    I'm not sure what the exact conditions are but it only seems to be happening on vertical faces with a normal facing negative Z or positive X.

  10. Would be possible to get an option for the number of the major grid line?


    I'm working in world texel units (ala Quake engine games) and it would be very much more helpful if I could have the major grid line be the 8th instead of 10th; that way the major grid line on the 0.125m grid (the Quake 8 texel grid) is 1m instead of the mostly unhelpful and disorienting 1.25m :)

  11. That does seem likely.  This was a feature available up until the 2.5 update, where it was omitted from the toolbar (and subsequently forgotten).  I've added it back in the "Generate UV2" options window, will have the update out asap.

    There's an options window for Generate UV2? I was doing it through "Tools > ProBuilder > Actions > Generate UV2 - Scene" since auto UV2 generation wasn't working reliably. I would sit through a bake only to have bad UV2s on several new or modified PBOs.


    I'll be looking forward to the update. Thanks for the continued great support. :)


    Edit: I found it. Automatic UV2 Generation has to be disabled in ProBuilder preferences.

  12. So I'm having an issue with lightmapping (when am I not? I hate it) and I'm not sure if Beast is the problem or the UV2s generated by ProBuilder.


    I'm seeing significant light bleed on complex ProBuilder objects. The texel padding setting in the scene lighting properties only seems to affect the padding between separate objects. So I believe the issue is in the UV2s generated by ProBuilder not having [enough?] padding. If that is the case is there a way to change the UV2 generation settings, or should I put this in Feature Requests?


    Below: The light in the highlighted area is bleeding into the opposite edge of the nearby (in UV space) face.




    *Also note the other less defined glowing edges on the other steps.

  13. If I recall correctly people were having a hard time understanding how texture justification worked, so it was removed.  I think I left the functionality intact however, I'll have to see.

    That seems like a silly reason to remove a feature. I feel like it's a pretty essential feature for using tiling textures. :(

  14. I remember vaguely that in an earlier version of ProBuilder (before the fancy new UV Editor) there was a drop down menu (enum) for texture alignment; what ever happened to that?


    I would also like to suggest a 3 by 3 alignment arrow pad (Upper Left, Top, ... Center, etc.) as a replacement.

  15. ProBuilder does this, but I think it's turned off by default now.  You can set it to show this in the Preferences/ProBuilder section under Show Scene Info (or something similarly worded, I can't recall off-hand).


    There's also the new dimensions overlay in ProBuilder that you can use, which is in the Tools/ProBuilder/DImensions Overlay menu.

    Ok thanks, that solved it. Show Scene Info.