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  1. Hello, back again with another feature request. It would be helpful if we could set a default material scale. Currently when setting face materials in PB all textures come in at 1 repeat per meter (or Unity unit "u") which usually is not what I want (and probably not what most people want given that wall textures are typically 2u square), but conveniently for me in my current project the majority of the textures are intended to be 1u square. However there are some double sized (2u) textures that must be set to 0.5 repeats per u, by hand, every time. Ultimately my goal is to uniformly texture everything at a specific texel (texture pixels) density of 64/u. If there were an optional texel density setting PB could automatically set the scale value based on the dimensions of the texture. It would also incidentally make non-square textures come in at the correct aspect ratio. In combination with my previous suggestion of edge alignment it would make basic texturing basic 'brush' construction a flash for anyone with a goal texel density!
  2. spooky

    [Solved] Display Offset while Translating

    Ok thanks, that solved it. Show Scene Info.
  3. I might be imagining it (or thinking of another software), but I seem to remember ProGrids displaying the current offset while you were dragging things. If this didn't exist before it should. If it did, where did it go. Please help, I can't tell how big anything in ProBuilder is without using the grid texture. I would just use the 3D grid but the major grid is 10 which isn't helpful since at 0.125 the sensible major grid line is 8th. So we could also use a configurable major grid line.
  4. I think that could work. That's how the ProGrids options work now that it's integrated with the scene view.
  5. spooky

    Pixel perfect UV alignment not so perfect

    Ok cool, one less thing to use Max.
  6. I'm not sure if this is a Bug Report or a Feature Request, but the UV editor gives a false representation of pixel perfect grid snap. It would be really fantastic if this worked as expected.
  7. spooky

    Scene-camera can't get close

    It seems you've already found a solution to this, but it is possible to affect the scene camera through editor scripts. If you're interested here's a relevant thread over on the Unity forums.
  8. I just made a separate thread before reading this: I'm having the same issue here but with much smaller maps. I tried 512x512 and was getting noticeable decimal offsets on the mesh where vertices appeared to be pixel perfect in the UV editor.
  9. spooky

    ETA on edge Bevelling?

    With an Edge Bevel / Chamfer feature I could almost entirely cut 3ds Max out of my structural modelling workflow. Is this any closer to the top of the list?
  10. Beast doesn't seem to like my PB objects. If you look closely there's lots of little horseshoe shapes on the light map which are my door frames (which are normal meshes) lighting just fine, but almost all of the PB objects are... Glitch Art? I think this may be related to the Edge Extrusion bug (again) because the glitched meshes are ones that I tripped the edge extrusion bug while working on. The crazy triangles is also what they look like when you run into the edge extrusion bug.
  11. spooky

    Texture Creator

    This is called a Texture Atlas. There's already a request thread for this that you can check out.
  12. spooky

    Broken Baked Lighting on PB Objects

    I have no idea what's going on. Selecting a PB mesh with incorrect UV2s after the bake caused the UV2s to be recalculated (and skew up the light map even further) but after baking the scene again that mesh would have correct light mapping... Sometimes? Other times it doesn't stick. After a little experimentation I got tired of the long bake times and gave up on baked lighting for now. I'll have to set up a simpler scene to test it with.
  13. spooky

    Broken Baked Lighting on PB Objects

    No I don't. :/ Edit: I don't know why but it's fixed now. I switched my sun Direction Light to baked (because it was shadowing incorrectly left on realtime) and rebaked and it's working now??? Maybe it has to do with checking and unchecking 'Disable Auto UV2 Generation' possibly forcing it to regenerate the broken ones? Well some of them anyway...
  14. Typing fractional values in decimal is really burning me out. I've got 0.125, 0.1875, 0.25, 0.5, 0.625, 0.75, and 0.875 burned into my brain trying to get my tiling textures aligned to a specific edge. In all of the BSP tools I've worked in from Radiant, Hammer, and the original UnrealEd, there was a feature (usually a 3x3 of buttons) to automatically align the texture to a face in different ways. It would be great if there was something like this in ProBuilder's new UV window.
  15. spooky

    Unmerge/Split Faces

    Really? When I try to use connect (or any non-translation operation really) on a merged face it usually fails entirely or gives unpredicable/broken results. Thanks though; I've been wasting a lot of time rebuilding faces that I jumped the gun and merged too early and then needed to change, so it'll be really helpful feature to have.
  16. spooky

    Automatic UV more Automatic?

    That would be great. I'm using a lot of precisely edge aligned textures and it's been making me crazy having to work out the offsets myself. A centered alignment option would be great too; trying to find the center of a face for fitting tiled textures to diagonal faces is tricky and a bit guess-heavy.
  17. Using Unity 5.0.0f4 and ProBuilder 2.4.3p0 (according to the included changelog.txt) there's some anomalous behavior with connect edges. Periodically under ??? circumstances when I connect edges, the faces on either side which need to be retriangulated to accommodate the new edge get 'pinched' instead of retriangulated. Also when I connect edges the new faces on either side of the edge seem to share the same UV but are not attached in the UV editor. It seems to be related to edge extrusion buginess (http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1070-edge-extrusion-broken-indexoutofrangeexception/) because it only seems to happen when I've been extruding and bridging a lot of edges.
  18. spooky

    New feature.. Smart Geometry!

    This sounds really complicated but I like the idea. One of the main things I hate about creating meshes in programs like 3dsMax is destructive editing for simple things like an edge bevel. It would be neat to see some procedural non-destructive features added to ProBuilder; at least for simple things like bevels, so you can build a chamfered edge or rounded corner without making the actual 'box' of your mesh impossible to change - although getting a bevel tool at all would be great - so, I second this!
  19. spooky

    Sky Portals in Unity?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll probably just stick with building shells. It's tedious but it's probably the most efficient. I'll just have to do a test of shells vs. double-sided shadows when I'm done with the construction.
  20. spooky

    Sky Portals in Unity?

    Hello, this is something I've posted around a few places, and I finally decided to bring it to ProCore, since the relevant tool here is ProBuilder. I'm building Quake-like interior maps using ProBuilder, and for efficiency and ease of editing I'm using using one-sided geometry. Previously back-faces would cast shadows, but this seems to have changed in Unity 5. Shadows can be 'fixed' by setting Cast Shadows on the mesh renderer to 'Double Sided', but I'm not happy with that solution. It's inconvenient, since the default setting on ProBuilder objects is 'On' and there would be a lot of effort to fix the settings. I also suspect that rendering double-sided shadows may not be very efficient - perhaps why it's no longer the default mode in Unity? The other solution would be to build an elaborate shadow-casting shell, but while it's probably a little more efficient, it's still incredibly inconvenient. Ideally we would have more control over directional lights. For being a supposedly general purpose engine, Unity seems to be moving toward rendering exterior scenes as the default mode with the default skybox in Unity 5. In the Source Engine and the Mental Ray render there is a feature called a "Sky Portal" which masks light from the directional light to a polygon or quad. If it were possible to recreate this in Unity it would probably be a much better solution. With sky portals the light could be masked to windows and other apertures into the 'outside'; you would choose what light you do want rather than what light you don't want. I didn't post this in feature request, because although it's relevant to ProBuilder's claim to enabling BSP style construction (sky portal is a feature of many BSP engines) lighting seems a little orthogonal to existing ProBuilder features, but I'd like to know if anyone has any idea how you'd implement this. I had an idea of how a sky portal might work but I don't know enough about shaders or how rendering to implement it. Basically you would mask the light down to the sky portal. If the shadow map of the directional light could be 'flipped' so that by default the entire directional light is shadowed rather than revealed, then a sky portal object would then have a special shader (or something?) which causes it to cast an 'anti-shadow' which would then be shadowed normally by the objects in the scene, and this would create the same effect of getting directional light only where you want it. It might incidentally give you a hack solution for real-time area lights, since if the directional light was perpendicular to the portal you'd get a nice quad of light.
  21. spooky

    Edge extrusion broken. (IndexOutOfRangeException)

    I have been having the same problem when building rooms by extruding edges. I discovered that manually clicking the extrude button on the toolbar works and (sometimes?) fixes the problem for future shift-drag extrudes. It's apparently not a fatal bug since other than needing to use the extrude button it doesn't seem to have corrupted the mesh in any way - it's just inconvenient because there isn't any other shortcut for extrusion and it adds a lot of mouse-work to go click extrude every time.