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  1. spooky

    Merged Faces Flipped UV

    Which version has this been fixed in? I updated recently and am still experiencing flipped U coordinated in automatic UV mode with merged faces. Edit: I was having another issue so I did a clean install of ProBuilder and it is working correctly now. Thank you for completing this fix
  2. spooky

    Losing Lightmap Static

    Ah ok. I had Auto Generate UV2 disabled because it wasn't reliably regenerating the the UV2s in an earlier version and I guess the setting carried over because I didn't do a clean install. By the way, is there a way to set the default UV2 parameters? I'm using low res (Quake-like) lightmaps and the Pack Margin must be set to at least 32 or there will be significant light bleeding errors. Setting the parameters every time I use the New Shape button gets tedious.
  3. I'm having an issue where the default static flags for new ProBuilder Objects doesn't include Lightmap Static, which it did before. I can't find a default setting to change this, but it's not really an issue, manually checking LMS isn't that much trouble, but several types of PB operations will cause a PBO to automatically uncheck its LMS flag. As tagged, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I don't understand something about the ProBuilder workflow; however this has only been an issue for me since I updated to the most recent Asset Store version of PB.
  4. spooky

    Major Grid Line Options

    I see this seems to have been added since I was last around, which is exciting, however it has a bug: In orthographic view the major grid line is always on the 10, no matter what your "Major Line Increment" is set. This is a pretty unfortunate bug since I exclusively use the visual grid in orthographic views.
  5. spooky

    Merged Faces Flipped UV

    Thanks. I'm back to having time to work on my game and I realized my merged faces were still getting flipped. It'll be good to finally get a fix
  6. spooky

    Merged Faces Flipped UV

    Hello again, reporting in: this is still a bug. I know it isn't really a massive issue because one can simply toggle "Flip U/V", but it would be nice if that was not necessary.
  7. Removing unused faces of ProBuilder objects is convenient and efficient, but in my experience it frequently results in a lot of other issues (shadowing issues, unreliable thin colliders, etc.) so I've gone back to the standard Quake practice of setting unused faces to the NoDraw material, which as expected, removes the faces from the geometry entirely at runtime, while also allowing them to cast shadows in baked lighting and generally resolving my other issues with removing faces. The only problem is that using NoDraw faces in combination with baked lighting the NoDraw faces still receive lightmapping and occupy a huge amount of the lightmaps. Realistically this is likely a problem with Unity itself (for one, it should know better than to lightmap materials with unlit shaders!), but I was thinking it might be possible to solve the issue by forcing NoDraw faces to be scaled to 0 in the UV2 generation process so that they don't occupy any lightmap area. As a side note it would also be nice if there was a way to toggle the visibility of NoDraw faces in the editor as well, since that's one advantage of manually removing the unused faces: there are fewer view obstructions while editing.
  8. spooky

    Merged Faces Flipped UV

    Hello; I'm back to be a feature requesting pest. I've noticed that even in the latest version of ProBuilder available from the Asset Store this still seems to be an issue.
  9. spooky

    UV2 Not Re-generating Correctly

    That's weird. Sounds like a bug on Unity's end then, because the UV2 generation parameters can usually be set back to the previous values once you've got it to rebuild the UV2s correctly once.
  10. So I've discovered an elusive bug that seems to have been introduced in with the UV2 Generation Options window. I'm not sure exactly how to reproduce it, but sometimes after editing a PBO the UV2s will not be generated correctly and result in characteristic glitchy lightmaps. Manually generating the UV2s (selection or scene) does not solve the issue. I've discovered that changing the Pack Margin will force a correct rebuild. Edit: I meant to put this in Bug Reports, got lost.
  11. spooky

    UV Quick Alignment

    Any chance of this making a return in the near future? These fractional decimals are giving me a headache.
  12. spooky

    Lightmap Bleed / UV2 Padding?

    Ok, so the new/default settings after the update are causing more light bleeding error. The good news is that I can mostly* eliminate it using the new generation settings. Mostly because even at the maximum slider value of 64 some objects are still receiving a partial lightmap texel (luxel). While it's still not perfect this is still a vast improvement over receiving one or more entire luxels and proves my hypothesis (which means it can be solved, and it's not an unfixable issue with Beast) so I'm very appreciative of this update! I believe the issue is that, at least within the ranges of values I have tested, there does not appear to be any pixel difference in the resulting lightmap (See attachment) faces of individual objects are still edge to edge even at the maximum Pack Margin value. The magenta area is the same lightmap without padding on Beast. Is there any way PB could create similar padding? As a side note, it would be nice if there were a way to set defaults for the UV2 settings for new PBOs so I don't have to set them on every object. Edit: Nevermind, everything seems to be working acceptably after some tweaking! Thanks!
  13. spooky

    Lightmap Bleed / UV2 Padding?

    Since I'm waiting on this one, is there somewhere to get notifications about updates? I don't see where updates are announced.
  14. spooky

    Merged Faces Flipped UV

    I'm not sure if this is a bug but it's unexpected and undesirable behavior: sometimes when merging faces the U of the UV for the new merged face is flipped. I'm not sure what the exact conditions are but it only seems to be happening on vertical faces with a normal facing negative Z or positive X.
  15. spooky

    Inset feature

    I would like to add a vote for an Inset feature. I keep running into this switching between Max and ProBuilder.