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    Thanks Gabriel. I think I will give the bezier a try.
  2. koppiman


    I would like to have a rope in the middle for a bucket, but could not manage that.
  3. koppiman


    Hello! Koppiman from Austria Salzburg. This is my first satisfying model for me. A little roofed fountain.
  4. koppiman

    Extruding In

    Hello Gabriel! Thought about what you said about clean geometry and the cylinderhole. Let me mention that i am not a pro using probuilder but figured out a way without boolean and getting clean geo with the cylinderhole. The way I did: Create a cylinder, mark an edge on the side. Insert an edge loop, which you drag down to the bottom. Extrude the edges to get faces to mark. Then invert selection and delete faces so you get the flatoutside faces of the cylinderhole. Now drag the vertices to the grid surrounding the faces. Thats why you should drag down the edge loop first, to get the mesh on the grid. Duplicate the result in object mode to flip normals. Merge faces on both, and extrude one to get the sidefaces. Now put the duplicate on top or bottom to close the cube with the hole in it. Merge the objects and you should be done. Hope my english is understandable and the explanation helps.
  5. koppiman


    Hi to all! My name is Manfred, and I was excited to use Probuilder on this weekend on a gamejam. The only problem was when I exported the level I build to the guys on my team, they didnt see the walls and models I made with probuilder cause they where using unity without Probuilder. I hope this will be solved with the announced export tool. If it can be solved by any other way please tell me how. Thanks guys for the great work you made with this tool. Never been faster in editing before. Cu