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  1. Fansub

    Few questions/request !

    Hello Procore team ! I have been playing with ProBuilder for a while now and the results are really stunning,but for some type of things it's still really difficult to work with,so here are my questions/requests if you don't mind : -Will you be integrating a pipe tool ? Pipes/ropes are really important when creating say a sci-fi environment,but with the current version of ProBuilder making long et complicated pipes is too complicated and not efficient at all. -Any news on the booleans tool in Probuilder ? Have been waiting for a while to see this one -Finally,it would really be great to have a button that toggles on/off the visibility of triangles,making meshes seem rectangle like in a 3D modeling program . -Any plans on making more ProBuilder showcase works ? that would be really exciting to see the creators/pros of the tool currently do with it Welp,guess that's all,and thanks in advance for the answers
  2. Fansub


    Welcome on the forum Chris !
  3. Fansub

    Hi everyone !

    I have a quick breakdown on Youtube and a HUGE tutorial on ProBuilder is in preparation : The goal of this tutorial series is to provide a subtitled video in English and French,not only for the community but for my French team to learn quickly how to start probuilderizing Working on my spare time with this tutorial,i'm currently waiting for the UVEditor to start smartly laying things out !
  4. Fansub

    Hi everyone !

    Hey everyone ! Let me introduce myself : My name is Adnan Chaumette,i am a french amateur developer and i work as a Journalist/reporter in a lost country named Mauritania ! Aside of my professional work,i am currently directing a game named Project Silva ,and ProBuilder is a core tool in this project ! This forum is a great opportunity for me to share,learn and teach (if possible) with the ProBuilder community . I have already been making some tutorials and Breakdowns Welp,that's it,if you have any question regarding how something on Project Silva was made with ProBuilder,PM me or ask me on the forum !