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  1. Verdemis

    How to tile textures correctly?

    Oh my good... the wrap mode... why didn't I think about that... Thank you very very much.
  2. Hello everyone, I fairly new to probuilder and I have some problems. First of all I can't get my texture to tile correctly. On this block with 3 in the y axis and 6 in the x axis i would like to tile my texture. When I set the tiling to 0.333x0.333 it showes the first tile correctly, but on the rest the grey border of the texture get repeated, instead of the whole texture and I don't know why. I read the documentation and watched some videos about it, but I don't get what I'm doing wrong... Any ideas? And sometimes I get those strange shadow spots on my objects after the lightmap finished baking... where does this come from? I found some forum posts about it and that you should deactivate the "disable auto uv generation", but this option is already unchecked in my preferences for probuilder. Best Verdemis