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  1. WaterlaneStudios

    backface cull and cross selection

    Oh -sorry about that - Somehow when I looked before the link seemed to go to another area... (damn that scroll wheel ). Great to see the 'Selection Rect Mode' :-)
  2. WaterlaneStudios

    backface cull and cross selection

    Hi - thanks for the reply. All good - but for the 'window/crossing' selection, I mean a feature that is used in 3dsMax and can be Very useful. i.e. when selecting a polygon/face... If 'window selection is on' then the face must be completely enclosed in a selection area. If 'crossing selection is on' then if only part of a face is covered by a selection area, it will be included as a selected. 'hope that makes sense - it makes selecting particular faces far quicker, especially when using multiple views
  3. WaterlaneStudios

    backface cull and cross selection

    A couple of cool features would be... Display/Non-Display of faces with Normals facing away from the viewer (i.e. backface cull) Window selection and Cross selection (as in 3dsMax) some more variations on display (i.e. flat shaded with wire/materials with wire/backface culled, on/off)
  4. WaterlaneStudios

    Face Selection

    Ah - resolved the issue - My doing, but possibly something ProCore might like to look at It was because the Cubes were made with a different layer tag to the displayed layer. Yet curiously they could still be edited although on an 'invisible' layer...
  5. WaterlaneStudios

    Face Selection

    Hi - 'having trouble selecting faces... 1. I've made a basic new shape cube - when I shift select faces everything is fine - when I click on a face it tries to pick any other distant object in the scene. If there's nothing there then it deselects the cube. 2. I've made a basic new shape cube - and subdivided twice - similar to above, but no faces select when click on by themselves [ these edits are within an existing scene using Unity 2017.3] [If you would like files, I'll test/recreate in a new/empty scene - any suggestion meanwhile? I've tried 'backface on/off']
  6. Hi - How can I use ProBuilder on an imported/pre-textured model? I've tried applying Pb_Object & Pb_Entity but can't get it to work... Thanks
  7. WaterlaneStudios

    More pivot options

    lol - that's embarrassing - thanks very much :-)
  8. WaterlaneStudios

    More pivot options

    hmm - I select vertex edit mode - select a vertex then 'Ctrl J' and "Set Pivot" displays... When I go to object mode the pivot remains in the objects center. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  9. WaterlaneStudios

    More pivot options

    Superb! (and thanks for the quick reply) :-)
  10. WaterlaneStudios

    Lathe and Lofting

    'new to ProBuilder - so apology if features are already there It would be cool to add the following modelling tools - Lathe (spin a profile around an axis) and Lofting (place different shaped paths along a loft path - e.g. profile of a boats hull along a path)
  11. WaterlaneStudios

    More pivot options

    I'd really like this as well, but with more options - e.g. snap pivot to vertex/edge-midpoint.