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  1. What is the setting and what is it called to allow selecting faces while in other modes because that would make sense why those buttons would be in other tabs. By default in edge and vert mode I can select faces if it's the only face there including adjacent faces. In other words a face with only 4 verts. A side with 4 faces though, I can't any select faces in those tabs which made those buttons feel useless. After some messing around I turned on Precise Element Selection and everything works properly. It now makes sense for those buttons being there as I can select individual faces from edges and verts. I am happy now I can easily select surrounding edges and verts. I think it should be on by default unless I accidentally turned it off.
  2. OreoSplitter

    Set drag rect mode add to edge tab

    Yes the description says affects all 3 when really it only does faces and shouldn't mention edges and verts at all.. For edges the setting complete could mean if drag encompasses entire edge between 2 vertices it is selected. Intersect same as now, if it touches any edge. Then with that setup add the button to edges tab. Then it would make sense and be useful.I could easily drag and select all edges at the bottom of a cube without also selecting the side edges due the the complete setting. I do think set pivot and center pivot should be one button where you chose what the pivot button does
  3. This button works as expected in faces tab but in vert and edge it's useless. I have found while in edge or vertices, if a side has more then one face, getting Select by material to activate (not be greyed out) is impossible to do. Which questions why is it even located in those tabs at all. I cant have a side with 4 faces, in edge mode select 4 edges around one of those faces to get that button to show. So why is it even in those sections? The manual and video tutorial only mention using it in faces. Now that I am looking at it select by color looks like the same issue. I think someone should go through all the buttons and make sure they apply to the section if a button is missing (select drag to edge tab) or one needs to be removed. I'm a month into using probuilder so maybe I am just missing the idea of how these buttons are organized from your point of view.
  4. This affects all 3 areas (vert, edge, and faces) yet the button is only located in faces. Well I am not sure how this affects vertices at all so maybe just adding the button to edge tab is needed.
  5. OreoSplitter


    1) Would be nice to remove text objects in group since it just takes up space. 2) Having selected object in group highlight just as it does in default hierarchy. 3) Be able to shift click and cnt click to select certain ones in that group. Biggest one. 4) Be able to reorder objects inside each group.
  6. OreoSplitter

    More pivot options

    Some settings have a plus sign to choose how you want the action to behave like fill hole I can untick fill entire hole. I would like center pivot to be one of a few options in a pivot button vs the option. 1) center pivot (same as is) 2) center pivot but place at the bottom of mesh (this way Y = 0 is always ground level) 3) Set pivot (cnt J) Why not have this command as the pivot button default if chosen? I'm new to probuilder so there might be other options to include.
  7. OreoSplitter

    Docable editors, delete edge loop, and progrid only show Y

    Thankyou for the predictive grid tip. So happy. Cool, I can dock them. Didn't know about that. Well, hmm, guess I don't have anything to complain about. lol.
  8. When I probuilderize a unity default 3d object like a cube or capsule I get a yellow triangle with message Zero UV area or surface area on mesh. Non zero area required for light mapping. I am using the latest download 2.9.8f3 with unity 2017.2.0f3. Ok So it seems I have to tick static light mapping and have optimize real time to not get this message when probuilderizing. Either have manual state must have both boxes ticked beforehand or just get rid of the message since we can select after detail or mover. Just seems odd.
  9. Deleting edge loops is a pain in the ass. Can we get a button that does it for us? Also would be great if we could doc the editors with other tabs like the material editor and vertex color editor. I get the uv one won't quite fit but the others would be nice. Lastly progrids an option to only show Y grid no matter the direction an object is moved or viewing angle.