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  1. Minamu

    Is ignoring UV mapping bad?

    Thanks for the response. Good to know. Welding has been rather finicky for me, so I've stuck to collapsing so far. What I was looking for was an automated clean-up tool, if that's even possible
  2. In my main project, I only use textureless one colored materials. Because of this, and lack of know how, I've never touched the UV unwrapping and editor stuff. Could this have negative performance impacts, such as lower framerates etc? Could it mess up the baked lighting? I'm seeing a couple of threads here regarding Unity's directional light leaking through walls; PB corners generally and I have that exact same problem regardless of bias settings (the usual recommendation), specifially when walls are one-sided planes (I tend to make rooms out of the basic cube and then delete all but one face). Could it be related? Assuming other users are like me and just spam out different cubes and never think about the other stuff This might require a different thread, but is there a faster way to delete left over vertices apart from manually collapsing them into others (if that even deletes anything)? My building method is probably flawed and I end up having to delete around 75% or more of the current number of vertices when I'm satisfied with the overall shape, and collapsing them one by one takes forever
  3. Minamu

    Finding the bottom vertices on a cube?

    Thanks! Would this approach be rotation agnostic then? Meaning, it'll find the right corner values regardless of the direction the player is looking in? The game uses a regular third person camera and as you turn the camera, the player's body turns the same number of degrees and that is currently breaking our positioning of the rays.
  4. Hey, first time posting here, not sure if I'm in the right place though. I've considered asking this in the Unity Answers forum but I thought I might check here first since it's directly related to ProBuilder, and C# programming. Basically, I have a regular 1x2x1 PB cube, Unity scale 1x1x1, as a character in my game. I want to add raycasts to each of the bottom corners of this cube, for jumping mechanics purposes. The problem is finding these vertices, since the origo is now different compared to the standard Unity cube. Using transform.position.x is the same as always, but finding the other three corners is where I'm stuck, and I can't get the raycasts to actually stick to the object's corners as it rotates. Any ideas on how to go about this issue?