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  1. hi_hi_hello_hi

    Faster Painting?

    Thank you! In the mean time, would you be able to tell me what line the value is so I can change it manually? I tried to find it in the source code, but couldn't located what I needed to change
  2. hi_hi_hello_hi

    Faster Painting?

    Not enough prefabs per-movement
  3. hi_hi_hello_hi

    Faster Painting?

    I'm trying to paint grass on a large terrain and each prefab is placed extremely slowly compared to a terrain brush with the target strength turned up. My stroke space is 0.001. Is there any way to increase the paint speed?
  4. hi_hi_hello_hi

    Swappable pallete sets in the material editor

    Superb! Thanks a lot. This will really make texturing way faster for me
  5. Hi, I use the material editor constantly and I'd love to be able to load different pallete sets of materials in the hotkeys slots I could for example, load a pallete of plaster walls, then swap to wood floors, then brick walls, etc It would save me a ton of time and seems easy to implement. Please consider this. Thanks!