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  1. lauraneb

    how to connect two corridors

    ok it's good thank to answer . I'm not sure how the function is but this is good. Apparently you must select the point to moove and then move it by pressing v and a direction so that it approaches the other point by aligning ... Although I only have the basic version (to do my artwork gallery), the learning curve is rather short so far (3 days). The modeling tool is rather well thought (on the part of an ex-industrial designer) what opens up possibilities that I did not imagine so far
  2. Hello, I testing probuilder basic as newbie I have two corridors which come to the end one against the other. Apparently Probuilder basic does not make the automatic connection because the surfaces block the passage. Maybe this is because the vertices are not perfectly aligned but I did not find the snapping tool to tell them where they should be moved. thank to answers