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  1. KirilZ

    Pivot and Merged Objects gone?

    Ah, indeed you are correct regarding the Pivot being set to Center, this fixed that. I am not sure where to Find "Detach" action, I found Detach faces. And in the Actions option there are only 4, which show no "Detach" option at all. Did you watch the video? Can you see that it merges into one object, then when I export it as .obj and import into Unity it is a parent with 4 meshes... I would really like to finalize this object and get on with it... I just tried again, I merged all the meshes into 1 probuilderized mesh/object in scene. Set the pivot to center when all faces are selected, I went and selected Detach faces, the message came up " No faces selected " I selected them all again and Set Pivot. Exported as object, Pivot not exactly at the same place but I can live with it, however just as in the video now I have 4 child meshes with 1 parent.
  2. KirilZ

    Pivot and Merged Objects gone?

    Okay, well really its 2 issues. The pivot is my main concern. Watch this, It is 1 merged object. I will set the Pivot when everything is selected so it is centered. Then I will select just the object, as you can see pivot is mia? Next, I will export as you suggested, and as you can see when I place the item in the scene it is multiple objects and pivot still mia. Help? I've included the .obj in the zip as well as the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw4gwes7ng3eeow/probuilding.rar?dl=0 IT's 1 minute and 41 seconds of me fiddling around, speed up the video if it shows more than that time sometimes when I upload it slows down the video and making it longer...
  3. KirilZ

    Pivot and Merged Objects gone?

    Hmm... they do merge though, only when I export it they show up as separate objects, no errors at all, nor warnings. What about The Pivot...???? I really want the pivot to be proper, if I can set the pivot to center (Which it does while in probuilderized, but once exported its gone.) THen I can proceed with my project for this shape, why is it disappearing, how to solve this? Shall I upload you the mesh and you can look into it yourself?
  4. Hello, I have 4 meshes that I merge, to create a nice roundabout. They become one, then I pivot it in the center of the object. Export, or remove probuilder scripts, the pivot goes into the abyss flying, nowhere to be seen. Also tried it without merging the objects, same issue. What is going on? 2, why is it when I merge the objects and export, I get an object with 4 children / meshes to it, rather than 1 object/mesh...? Thank you.
  5. KirilZ

    Texture to follow ProBuilding pattern

    Interesting! Essentially yes, are you looking into updating your asset into the future to support more than just square paths? Thank you.
  6. KirilZ

    Texture to follow ProBuilding pattern

    So the effect I'm trying to accomplish definitely doesn't happen. The arrows/line continue to go straight forward although there are turns. That is unfortunate. Could this be built somehow in the future to support such needs? In basic terms I want to build something like this, a long "box" that has arows going forward, then as I mole the long box into a longer one with turns etc. The arrow to follow the turns and such.
  7. KirilZ

    Texture to follow ProBuilding pattern

    I will play with the continue feature tonight and let you know of the progress. ER 3 is currently in beta, still works great but I prefer to have a cleaner project with less files within. Using them in tandem might be the most efficient solution, just thought with probuilders customizable fluidity I might focus more on custom levels rather than paths.
  8. Hello, So my original process is to use EasyRoads3D to create a "road/path" with a texture that has an "arrow" on it, therefore while creating the road, curves, roundabouts etc. the arrow's follow the path, I would like to stick with ProBuilder for this project, and would really like to be able to achieve the same result, Things I've tried: Creating a box, applying my "road/path" texture with the arrows, scaling the UV accordingly (outlining the edge of the "box/road/path", then I've tried extruding, scaling, moving and rotating to which the UV continues forward and does not follow the movement path of my molding. Hopefully this explanation is clear enough, if not please let me know I will provide screenshot examples. Really need to get this going it will save me a lot of time. Thank you, KZ