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  1. First i download Probuilder lite version to test. With it I design a lot of beutifull things for my game, for example I design a building like the "Mezquita de Cordoba" (the spanish Cordoba Mosque & Cathedral) I was very happy with this design. I think: "if i can design so beautifull things with the free version of probuilder, what can i design with the advanced version?" Then i decide to upgrade. I buy the Probuilder Advanced and later when i go to my game to use the gameobjects i design with Probuilder basic, i discover that all of them was now without any material. I lost all the colors i get in my beautifull temple. Then i think i can modify to add again the materials, but each time i try to drag and drop any material to any gameobject design with Probuilder Basic, i get the same result, the material disapear. I can't get back the beautifull colors to my design.
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    Hello from Spain.

    Hello, my name is Pedro-Jesus. I'm spanish indie developper. Actually i'm working in my first Unity 3D Video game, with the name: "Virtualia Lions Club: Dogs Adventure" Will be a game about lionism (a kind of volunteer for service) I buy Probuilder Advanced to help me design scenes. In fact now i have a problem i will post in the apropiate forum.