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ProBuilder Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

Good product. Responsive developer. What else is there in life?

It works as advertised You could fire up Maya to create your level geometry, and sometimes you still will. But, it is very convenient to edit your scene directly in the editor, and it takes the grunt work out of the mundane, saving your valuable alive-time for other things. In my opinion, PB’s approach is better than the CSG approach; you’re simply building meshes and applying materials.

The tooling continues to improve since I purchased it a while back, and the developer responded nearly instantly on a frickin’ Saturday to a question I had. It’s the real deal, guys.  -Wes



Will speed up your level development

If you are still using in game primitives or third party software to set up your levels, just remember when you see a trail of dust blast past you.. that will me using ProBuilder 😛 With regular updates and new features this make the asset a great investment. Use it in every project.   –Derek O’Brien


Pays for itself over and over (and over) again.

His tool allows me to rapidly construct and texture hard-surface models right inside the Unity environment, and more, the intuitive simplicity of the package had me outperforming the Maya/3DS/Blender –> Unity workflow within hours of installation.

Using only ProBuilder (coupled with QuickDecals) and free texture packs from the Unity3D store, I’ve been able to create visually stunning, complex architecture. If you’re developing 3D software in Unity3D, you need this editor extension. –Chris Pack


Great asset, excellent docs and good price.

It works out-of-the-box. Although it has some complex functionality, learning it is a pleasure rather than a chore because of the well written pdf documentation.  –Steve W


I used this tool to build a game called Polarity. Without it I would’ve most likely failed miserably. Buy it, use it, love it. Great support too.
Craig Littler

Remarkable Tool from a Great Developer

ProBuilder is without question one of the greatest editor extensions I have used in Unity. I finally have the ability to quickly layout geometry for a level without the need for external tools. The freedom that has given me is immeasurable and this tool is well worth every cent of the price.

Top off an amazing tool with a developer that is very quick to respond and you have yourself a winning combination. Thanks to the great support and the huge improvements this has made to my work flow, I can say that ProBuilder will be a staple in my development process for the forseeable future.  -Tim McDaniel

Great Tool

After using ProBuilder for some time now I finally needed help from the development team. I recieved a response back to my email in the same day with a solution to the problem I was having. So, I must add outstanding customer support to my earlier review.

I’ve tried several draw editor extensions in Unity and have not found any that I’ve liked until ProBuilder. I’m and not a graphic artist and yet I’ve been able to very easily and quickly build lots of models that actually look really good. This app makes it super easy to make meshes and also to UV map them. I love the way you can pan and scale the texture directly on the selected face. Easely worth every penny I paid for this asset. Thank you Pro Builder development team!!
Kennard Laviers

Great tool!

Grr, this tool went on sale shortly after I purchased it. Which is insane because this plugin is worth the full price easily! I encountered only one issue and the developer worked with me until it was resolved. Looks like new features are constantly being added. You will for sure want ProGrids to go along with it. Very powerful combination. I’ve built a playground with it quite easily within the first 30 minutes of using it.
Richard Osborne

Outstanding and easy to learn!

I just got the ProBuilder 2.0 along with ProGrids 2.0 few days ago, since reviews were very good I had pretty high expectations of the package and to be honest it even exceeded my expectations. Setup is super easy and within few minutes I was able to use the package. All the tools are easily accessible and with intuitive keyboard shortcuts you can dive into doing actual work right away. If you have basic modelling experience you’ll feel like home, but I think it’s very easy for the newcomers to use as well. Just check out the introduction video on the developer’s website and you’ll be ready to go. It works great with addition of ProGrid – this second package is worth getting even if you won’t be using Probuilder, since it really makes your work in editor much easier. Great asset! Well deserved 5 stars!  –Grzegorz Dałek

Great Fun, and save time and stress..

Coming from a background in Game Modding, the lack of this sort of tool is sorely missed when making a game of my own. It’s great that Unity is so open that others can fill the the gaps where this sort of tool is needed.

Fun and very easy to pick up and use, I find my self able to knock out Level Designs faster and way more optimized then trying to fake the same with the built in primitives and with out having to jump between my 3D modeling software and Unity. This is worth every single penny asked. If you are wondering if you should get this asset? The answer is YES, yes you should.  –SG. Paxman



Again, something very cool

You cannot get any cooler than this. I am very impressed at how the developer is sticking to this project and his others. Development is always very important and here not short but as said very impressive. Keep at it, I love it.
Christopher Hassell


Amazing world building tool

I have used this tool since it was first released (it supports textures AND Substances! – I have a large substance database). Recently they have added features that put this tool in a seriously new level. Everytime I open this tool I tend to just start building something based on whatever shape I decide to start with. Do not miss this sale. You will use this tool and seriously enjoy it!  –Chris.Redhawk

The Boss – 6 Stars total.

This has quite literally replaced my use of Lightwave for any prototyping but not only that, full on construction. Within a few minutes of playing with it I knew I had made a great purchase. This all came before even reading the documentation. I also recommend Pro-Grids along side this tool.   -John Beeby

Must have for level building

This is really a fantastic tool for creating levels with Unity. I bought it about 8 months into development of my project, and only wish I had gotten it much earlier. I’d recommend getting ProBuilder along with ProGrids (which does have a free version). It will save you hours of frustration trying to get different parts of the level to line up just right. For example, I used to have a lot of problems with meshes overlapping, resulting in a weird flickering effect during game play. Using ProBuilder and ProGrids, I no longer have that problem.  –Willy Chyr


I cannot recommend this enough. Everything including the website, documentation, support is top notch. This is one of those assets that sets the bar on how it should be done.
Hexagon Neuron

I recommend this extension for its ease and simple approach creating meshes. The 2.0 Beta version available after registering shows a huge potential and a nice GUI. Probuilder would become a must have for rapid design. Can’t wait for the official 2.0 version launch. Another very good point : Best customer support.
Pascal Gauthier

Great Extension, Especially Most Recent Versions

Probuilder is a great extension, but working with sixbysevenstudios has been a great treat. I really, REALLY reccomend that you make sure you register probuilder with the developer. (There is an e-mail address in the documentation that you might miss if you aren’t paying close attention.) You can get immediate access to new versions, and progrids free just for providing a little information from the asset store so they can verify your purchase. I really am impressed by the way sixbysevenstudios has been dealing with us as customers. If I ever release any of my own assets, I’m going to consider them an example of how a great asset developer and project contributor should work.Great Extension, Especially Most Recent Versions.
Jeremy Anderson

There’s Nothing Else Like It!

This is by far THE best asset that I’ve purchased on the Asset Store. I’m using the 2.0 version (beta 5). Some highlights to those of you who are contemplating picking it up. Look no further:

-Mesh building and texturing all within Unity? Including a stairbuilder among other things…Yes please!
-Ability to change a mesh between a trigger volume, collider, or nodraw with a press of a button?
-Mesh grouping and merging options?=
-Intuitive Interface
-Frequent updates/improvements
-First-class customer support

Seriously folks, this tool is AMAZING. It allows me to quickly prototype and build a level in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. If you are wanting to build a game in Unity, this is a MUST HAVE.  –Michael Zedalis


Just what Unity 3D needed! Now a quick way to build inside Unity. Looking forward to perhaps additional shapes (i.e., sphere, cylinder)? Keep up the great work!  –Patrick McCrocklin

Excellent Extension

I would absolutely recommend this extension! No doubt it is worth the price. The simplicity and ease of this tool makes it a must have. Extension is stable and well implemented.

Support is top-notch and swift.
I have ZERO complaints and recommend this provider and this extension to ALL.  –DKSGFX


Should be part of Unity

Hands down the best asset I’ve purchased for my Unity setup. I originally bought it for fast prototyping/testing/iterating, but being able to texture and optimize it for a final level is just amazing. This has saved me days and makes level building FUN! Watching the tutorials has taught me a lot about ProBuilder of course, but I’ve learned just as much about Unity, optimization and game design in the process. ProBuilder is a great asset to the Unity community, and so is the developer!

NOTE: I’m also using ProGrids which is a must-have. If I had a gripe it would be that ProGrids is not just part of ProBuilder…it’s that important.      –Jonathan Arnold


If you can use for your game – it’s a killer tool

I used Probuilder to build levels for my game MarbleRazr, wich serves at a demo game for my game pack Marble Kit, also here on the store. It really speeds up level design and makes it much easier to handle textures, which improves visual quality as well. Just make sure that your game can really benefit from the tool – not every game will.  –Alexander Rammlmair

Brilliant package for in-game level design.

Unity just wouldn’t be the same without this now. I spend more time creating levels and models in Unity than I do in my modelling package. Great package that is being constantly developed and improved.  –Kirk Jewell


It’ is exactly what i was looking for! A simple tool to create and edit and texturing relatively simple geometries without exit unity. All without loose stability or performance drops. ProGrid is a perfect companion of this tool.
Massimiliano Mallus (SJM Tech)

Bringing Game Dev Back To Unity

I’m an old school designer, so I find modeling whole levels in a 3D Modeling Suite just wrong on so many ways (I know, dumb as it sounds). Once I heard about ProBuilder, my prayers were answered, especially since it takes a page out of my favorite editor, Hammer. The ability to scale anything without relying on specific numbers (including the ProGrids Plugin), I just run free with my prototyping finding the right level layout which I found quite jarring in the Unreal Engine.  -Stuart Bradley Newsom

Great for prototyping and quick building

This is asset should be a staple in your Unity tool box. You building environments and levels are quick and easy.  -Gregory

More than only prototyping …

I will not rewrite previous pros. Keep in mind this tool is much more than only prototyping. In addition, there are great video tutorials on Youtube by SixbysevenStudio and frequent updates.  –Dugas

the best BSP-style editor for Unity?

Using ProBuilder 2.0 with ProGrids has been great for quickly roughing out greybox style levels. If you come from a background in level design and popular FPS engines you will find the workflow familiar. If you’re new to it, it should be pretty easy to pick up.Once areas of the environment are ready to pass off to art it is also super easy to switch the ProBuilder brushes to be collision, we use ProBuilder for creating all the level collision. 6by7 keeps adding new features to Probuilder, being able to delete faces is really great, personally I never enjoyed having to do NoDraw passes on levels, so my workflow is to simply delete the unneeded faces. –e h

Just do it.

I bought this like 2 days before it went on sale for 25% off. The customer service is good enough that they probably would have given me the difference if I had asked. I didn’t ask. This is a “shut up and take my money” situation. Wonderful tool. I have had a couple problems with bugs. I asked and they were fixed in hours if not minutes. Be sure to register with them (sixbyseven) as detailed in the documentation. Sometimes things come along that set standards. This is one of those things.  –5olstitium4ctual

Fantastic, must have!

This is an absolutely fantastic tool. It integrates so naturally into Unity, it’s hard for me to imagine how I would ever use Unity without it. Seriously, though, it feels like it’s a natural part of Unity. It adds so much power – to be able to just draw in 3D straight in Unity – that Unity without ProBuilder now feels somewhat useless. I also purchased ProGrids. ProGrids lets you snap objects/faces/vertices exactly to points on a grid. ProBuilder may be somewhat hard to use without ProGrid, as it would be difficult to align sides up for optimization/removing holes. Support this developer and buy this extension – it will only give them more money to make this extension better. You will love it.  –Andrew Price

ProGrids Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

Great work

Product is great. Works right out of the box. You can use decimals too . Snaps great in all directions. Well worth it to all level designers.   –James Walsh

Need for everyone using Unity

Everyone needs this asset that uses Unity. ProGrids is so amazingly simple to help you align your assets together and set them up to look really smooth and natural. I even use this when pulling in assets that I haven’t created from the other tools. It’s very easy to change the snap size which I do often. This has also helped me to layout my levels in a more orderly fashion as now I don’t one asset that’s sitting at some odd rotations/angles which I’m trying to get to “fit” together with other assets.

Not sure what else to say about this. The entire ProCore Bundle is a necessary asset for me.   –Chris.Redhawk

Excellent tool – adds the grid controls missing from Unity.

I have got so used to Progrids helping me to accurately place my objects and vertices that I forget it isn’t part of Unity. Knowing that two vertices are sitting exactly 1, 1/2, 1/4 or even 0.00125 units apart (or on top of each other) saves so much time. I use it with ProBuilder to create prototype maps and object directly within my Unity scenes. If you want to create freeform maps and/or modular objects there is no easier way to make sure you hit the grid(s). Fantastically simple and effective product.  –Kirk Jewell

Amazing time saver!!

I don’t know how I was able to go so long building levels without this tool. Everything works right out of the box and it has saved me remarkable amounts of time. I no longer have to worry about my snap settings or manually entering coordinates in the inspector. I just set up my grid and start building. No developer should be without this tool.  –Tim McDaniel

Super Useful

This is one of the most useful packages in the Asset store. Will save you so much time and effort. Must buy for sure!  –Nathan Stowell

A must have time saver

Easy to set up and use, it makes a perfect companion to ProBuilder.
I keep a couple small scene windows (Iso Top, Iso Front) open below my main editing scene window so that the snapping is always enabled for all axis (when it is turned on).  –Aaron Clark

Most useful Asset for creating game levels

Absolutely amazing! This tool saves me ton of time aligning my objects and measuring jump distances between platforms. I have used this tool more than any other tool on the asset store. Highly recommended for puzzle/platformer games.  –Mo

Principal tool

This tool can be called bread and butter for editing! Simple and principal, one of those tools that really helps you save time->money. –Ivane Gegia

An essential tool

This has proven to be an essential tool for level design. It’s something that should have been included in Unity out the box.  –David Wyn Davies

Excellent and Easy

Works right out of the box, get’s better with every update and is (besides ProBuilder) one of my best investments on the Asset Store so far!  –JDB Artist

ProCore swooped in and saved the day

ProGrids is a product I bought on a whim. I was looking into Prototype, and all the videos talked about matching it with ProGrids to make sure everything snapped to the grid, or was created in the exact size required without needing to do extensive measuring. I must say that the $15 price tag seemed a little steep for a software that simply snaps objects to a grid; then I bought it and started using it, now it seems like a steal. I can say that the more I utilize the Isometric Grid system to snap objects in a 2D environment, the more I fall in love with ProGrids. Allowing you to change the grid’s snap-size on the fly; while changing the grid layout to feature the said changes is marvelous. Like my experience with Prototype, I’m not sure how we managed to get anything done before now, but I can surely say I wont be going without ProGrids ever again. The rate at which content can now be added to a scene is mind-boggling, especially knowing that everything is placed uniform to the grid; you don’t need to make sure it’s exact, ProGrids does that for you. ProGrids is a must-have, and my only real question is why Unity doesn’t feature this type of thing to begin with; nonetheless, ProCore swooped in and saved the day (again). Great software.

I had written a brief statement here about a feature I’d love to see added to ProGrids; but the publisher responded with a link to the exact software I asked for, for free, available on their website within a day of my review. I love the quality of service this company radiates. Well done; and thanks for “Populate”, it works exactly as I hoped it would.  –Joseph Dart

How could I ever work without it ?!

It’s a must have for anybody who places stuff inside of the game scene (so artists, level designers and so on). Snaps are making life waaaay easier. It’s something that vanilla Unity is really missing. Great work!  –Grzegorz Dałek

This is what Unity is missing…

Seriously… if you plan to use any tile set or any type of asset that requires precise positioning in your game this tool makes it stupid simple. It is most definitely worth more than the asking price – and should be an integrated part of Unity3d at least in the Pro version.  –Darrin Uzynski

Magic! This is simply magic!

Snapping things to a grid with ProGrids 2 makes working with objects in unity so much easier than every before. Just drop an object in the scene and move it around and it will be placed exactly in line with other objects in the scene. This is an excellent tool.  –Geoff Currey

This tool is just Magic.
You will kick yourself for not getting it sooner.
1. Get it
2. Install it
3. Use it
4. Then hit save and come tell other how awesome you just found it to be !!!

-Cobus Saunderson

Cannot do without it

I have all of the assets from ProCore and really, you just cannot go wrong with this product and all the others from ProCore. The support, Forum, constant updates and they also add features all the time and they listen to your suggestions too. I don’t need to write anything here further, if you don’t have it, thenn it means you don’t build scenes in Unity or you fumble about a ltot trying to get it all write. Thanks ProCore for all of this and I also look out for new stuff coming our way.   –Christopher Hassell

Indispensable tool!

After one minute you think “How did I without it until now?” So easy and so useful…a must have for every one.  –Massimiliano Mallus (SJM Tech)

Making levels? Then you need this!

This tool is essential, and like other things from this developer, it’s something you would have expected to be available by default in Unity because of the use is so very common across games and platforms. Small tools like this, just makes game design more fun.   –Martin Vaupell

Don’t ever want to be without it again

Works, is simple to use and saves a lot of time in any project. This is what a grid system should be like. Highly recommended.  –Oliver Wuensch

A Necessity

The snapping works beautifully, and it is a necessity for Unity. If you have Prototype or Probuilder you need this, life would be so much easier with this tool.  –John Short

QuickBrush Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store

Finally, Terrain Trees Done Right!

I literally spent all day today battling with Unity’s terrain editor, trying to get my tree prefabs to work properly. No matter what I did, the trees that the terrain editor would randomly place for me, would remove most of the colliders, and therefore my trigger scripts that I had attached to my prefabs were rendered useless.ven tried a few other assets I own to try to get this to work, and nothing seemed to do it for me. And then I remembered that I purchased QuickBrush a while back, but never actually tried to use it, I just thought it looked cool…


It took me a few minutes to wrap my brain around how to customize it the way I wanted (to get proper brush sizes, randomization options, etc…) But once I set it up for the first time, it immediately took care of all of the problems I wasted an entire day on. I can now lay out my terrain like I normally would, and then just use QuickBrush to paint my trees (with custom scripts & colliders/triggers attached), and it all works flawlessly. This might be the best $15 I’ve ever spent. I even tried other assets I own that are $50+ that I thought would handle it for me, and they stripped my colliders & scripts too, PLUS they were more difficult to setup than QuickBrush.

So yeah… If you’re AT ALL interested in what QuickBrush does, then it works flawlessly as far as I can tell, has even more cool features than what the quick tutorial video version had shown (from a more recent update), and I’ll be loading this asset with every new project I start, because the productivity increase this asset provides, is astonishing. –Chronoloco

Great Tool

This is a useful and well-designed tool. Works as advertised. Performance is superb.  –IFLGameStudio


This is a TIME SAVER !!! Amazing asset, very well built and easy to use. I just saw the tutorial video and got it doing what it says in the asset store, in just a few minutes. Great job !!!  –Tiago Ruão


Another VERY usefull tool from the PROCORE people for level and world building. All your tools just work sooo well.  –Cobus Saunderson

New version works really well!

The developer added all the functionality that I think this tool needed for a bigger production! Kudos and well done!  –Peter Stråhle

Very good

A very good brush system for quickly creating scenes. A few quirks but the dev is quick on the case. A steal at the price.  –Chris

Killer asset

This is a remarkable asset. It shows how excellent design can make an asset so easy that it’s a joy to use. No learning curve, no messing around. If every asset was this easy to use everybody would be making games!  –Devon Ross


These are the kinds of tools that make me love Unity (and the asset developers). Super easy to use and does a great job. Well done!  –Tryz

ProCore Complete Bundle Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

A fabulous tool!

As a new user of ProCore I have a lot to learn and discover, but what I’ve worked with so far is fantastic! Having a tool that can handle level-building and structures with little trouble has really allowed my creativity to come out. I am really looking forward to seeing where ProCore goes and highly recommend the tool to new and experienced Unity users. Great stuff! -Jeffrey Jene

Awesome package

Great stuff been looking for something like this for years, did have game draw but that feels like its been abandoned. Overall really good package and it will go as a standard package in anything that I create now.  –Moon Gray

Why has Unity not integrated this as standard?

These tools are awesome. Ok, so far I only have tried Builder, Grids & Groups, but if the others work just as well as these do, I am absolutely happy! The intuitive GUI and the smooth workflow allow for a great reduction in dev time. Only downside so far, is that Builder is not really equipped to build smaller, more detailed geometry. But I think you already mentioned that somewhere…  –Tommycore

I could write a book about how great this Asset is! Will post some feature requests on the forums soon.
Thank you for developing ProCore =)

Professionals at work!

I always love a job well done. The slang “Save your time & sanity” is one that really appealed to me, although i read it after having seen the tool, these guys know how its done as i quickly found out this does everything you want, everything you need, and exactly how you expect it to work. I strongly put my faith in this team and gladly support this and future updates. I think its a reasonable investment, and I’m definitely using this.  –Patrick234


I’ll keep this simple; this package is well worth the price tag. These tools have cut down down the time it takes to create just about anything by a lot, and they are certainly more intuitive to use for level creation than going through other 3d software packages. This is something that Unity really should have shipped with.

Level creation is a breeze in this package. The automated texturing functions, along with the easy to use tools, means that my team mates and I are no longer going back and forth through external software to model and re-UV rooms because one wall quad was a wee bit off, or because a door frame wasn’t quite right. The one problem I have with Builder is that the edge tool is kind of wonky, but to be fair it is very clearly labeled as being in beta.

Next to builder, the second single most useful part of this pack has to be ProGroups. Essentially, it lets you create and manage layers like you would in Photoshop, which does wonders when you’re creating massive scenes. Again, it’s a mystery why Unity doesn’t have this right out the gate…

I haven’t played around too much with the Decal system yet beyond figuring out that it’s pretty easy to use, but just for ProGroups and Builder alone, this pack is worth every penny.  –Abhishek Chaturvedi

Fantastic toolset

I can very fast create my game levels, decorate it with the other tools from the package, and test. As an Artist , for me it´s a dream to create nearly anything i want. The support from the developers is great! I’m very happy with the purchase, and the upgrade is incredible. 5 stars!  –Carlos Monteiro

Tools that should be in Unity

Great package increase your productivity a lot.
-Probuilder is ideal for non modelers people , i use it for a platformer game to make almost all assets and the levels. What is great is that you stay in Unity without needing to swap each time to a modeler, so it’s a really big time saver. Another great feature is the UV editing that is very easy to use.
This is also the definitive tool for BSP lovers wanting to make some Doom or any retro fps games.
-Quickdecals, a really great system to quickly make variation in your 3D scene like cracks, ivy plants or dirt on walls for example, easy to tweak.
– Quickbrush is a big time saver to instantly populate your scene with prefabs.
I use it to place quickly paint stones groups on floor or plants a big time saver, Unity should have it as standard tool.

I really recommend to look at what you could do with those tools, if you find they suite your needs, you’ll be amazed by the tools. Another good news is that probuilder keeps improving and bring useful new features.  –Rocketter200


I cant believe how great this asset is ! I am kind of a noob with Unity and with 3D modeling ( but trying to learn) and after only around 30 mins or so i had the basic level I had in mind mapped out with this. Working on some fine tuning and putting the textures in as I go now. Guys, thank you very much and keep up the good work 🙂   –dave mc

A necessity for any level designer or artist.

These tools, especially ProBuilder are incredibly useful. As advertised you can quickly iterate just about anything you need to for level design block outs, art block outs, etc. If you are familiar with the old tools for Quake and Doom you might feel a lot more at home, especially with all the hotkey editing. It is very simple to use and streamlined. At the time of this review the Material tools need some work but still accomplish what you need. Though it should be pointed out that they are also completely rewriting that part of the tools as I write this. The support from the team is quick and incredibly friendly.

For the price it is totally worth it. Don’t hesitate. Buy this product and you are most likely not going to regret it. It will be useful for nearly any project you work on in some way.  –Jason Smith Spencer

Great way to speed up Dev

I have only just got ProCore and like what I see. Being able to create things in the Unity environment means you can see how things will look and work and that a big time saver. The tools are a very powerful set of tool that allow you to create gate structures with as small as possible impact on you game and that’s a must. The only criticism I have of is ProBuilder has no sphere and for me a sphere is a must have in building.  –Torren

Fantastic set of tools!

All tools from the bundle are fantastic and can improve not only your workflow when prototyping, but also when you’re level designing. The highlights go to ProBuilder and ProGrids, two essential tools that make Unity an even more complete game development environment.  –André “Intentor” Martins

Absolutely amazing

These tools are perfect for blocking out and prototyping levels and environments, and in some cases in my teams project, final props as well. We are developing about 50% of our 3D assets completely inside Unity with ProBuilder.  –Kyle Briggs

The best add-on to Unity

I think I made the best asset buy ever, with this bundle. I’m ok with Blender, but the easiness and realtime editing of the pro bundle (builder + grids + quickedit) is awesome! (I had another “big” mesh editing bundle for Unity.. but it has never worked well and bug free, at least on Mac)

Big kudos also to the super easy installer /the bundle has all sub-packages, which will install the desired and required (by Unity version) sub sub package! dll to go fast, sources if you want to dig the code

Looking forward for 2.3, now this asset is standard on all my projects.  –Stefano Cecere

It’s Awesome

Will You add the abillity to enable double sided meshes please? Other than that it’s just what I was looking for.  –robf

Completes the Unity IDE

For anyone shocked that Unity doesn’t have its own built in simple model editor, this is the answer! It might look expensive, but it’s well polished and vastly cheaper than things like Maya and Max. Sure, it’s not as powerful as a full 3D modeller, but that’s not the point. The key here is that you can model things like your level, physics and collision shapes, placeholder characters and so on right in the Unity editor, in your game.

This is fantastic for your workflow. You can prototype gameplay and block out a level without having to go back and forth to another app, or to another person if you’re working in a team. When the level plays how you want it, you can export the ProBuilder models as standard 3D files so that your artists can dress them as final assets.

Beyond the modeller itself, this package includes a series of useful extra tools. ProGrids, ProGroups and QuickEdit are almost essential extras for ProBuilder, and work perfectly with it. QuickDecals and QuickBrush will be handy for many people too, although aren’t critical purchases if you just want to do basic shape modelling.

Highly recommended!  –Chris Underwood


There are not many assets that I include into every project but certain packages from these are, I don’t see how any game could go without these, simply amazing. Thanks!  –Kiril

QuickDecals Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

Exactly what I wanted it to do and more..

The ability to place decals where ever there is a need for detail without increased polygons is a great feature to have. This is the cleanest and easiest Decal Tool I have ever used and I have used a few for Unity that didn’t make up for the cost. This one did what I wanted it to do and did it better then I had hoped for.  –SG. Paxman

More than what I expected

The Youtube video really shows the features but actually working with them and seeing the easy of using the asset and the final results, is just AWESOME!!! I would have been easily paid more than double the price for the cool features it brings to my projects.  –Cobus Saunderson

Great Tool!

This is an easy to use tool and a great way to easily spruce up your scene without adding a lot of objects. I’ve tried using vector painting to overlap textures but I think this is the way to go. Keep up the great work! I’m becoming a fan of your add-ons!  –Ben


This is the 3rd piece of software to a “killer” threesome which includes ProBuilder, and ProGrid. This guy REALLY knows what he’s doing and what’s needed in game development. These extensions take Unity to a whole new level and Unity was awesome to start with. Yesterday was my lucky day when I ran across this threesome.  –Mike Sivak

Great way to customize a scene

I bought QuickDecals during it’s 1.x cycle and ran into some minor issues with it. However, when the latest release got pushed out for this tool I started using it to dress up some scenes I have built with ProBuilder. Any issues I had now seem like a distant memory. This system makes it so simple to dress everything up and really bring some variance to areas where I was using repetitive textures. The ProCore guys have done another stellar job with this one!  –Tim McDaniel

Awesome Tool

Another truly great tool! I love the update and I’m looking forward to the projection support. BTW, Great job on all your tools! I own them all and it’s money well spent.  –Tryz

ProCore Utility Bundle Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

Great tools

I started with Prototype about a year ago, then quickly bought ProGrids and ProBuilder about a week later. This bundle let me buy the rest of your tools at a great price, I couldn’t be happier and would recommend this to anyone.  –Dan Womersley

The quick tools are extremely useful.

I use ProGrids religiously, and ProGroups helps keep everything nice and ‘out of the way’ while you work on other things.  –Dana Williams

ProGroups Testimonials

Reviews from the Unity Asset Store:

Nice plugin

This is a nice way to “correctly” group objects, compared to the hierarchy tinkering of “ab”-using empty gameobjects as folders.  –Andy2222

Awesome product.

This product is essential in anything but the simplest scenes. It does what it says. I requested a feature, I got it. I reported a bug, I got a fixed version in hours. I would put this product in the “Buy it now” group. I would put Gabe in the “Is an absolute pleasure to deal with” group.  –Jesse Werner

A great bit of functionality!

I can’t say enough about the frustration that this tool has removed from my workflow. I can’t say which bit of functionality I like best about it because everything about this tool has improved my workflow. Everything works out of the box, no questions asked. The interface is so intuitive that I was comfortable with everything in minutes. I really can’t say enough good things about the tool or the ProCore developers. This is great work from a great team of developers.  –Tim McDaniel