QuickEdit for Unity

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☑ Works with Unity Pro and Unity Personal
☑ Unity 5 Ready
☑ Backwards-compatible to Unity v4.6.8

☑ Source files included
☑ Requires one license per seat
☑ Educational/bulk discounts available

Edit Imported Meshes, Without Leaving Unity

A simple, clean solution to quick mesh edits and improving variety


QuickEdit allows you to edit nearly any mesh right within Unity, with a simple, no-nonsense interface.. This can greatly improve your workflow by allowing instant fixes, testing, and changes to meshes.

“Awesome tool. Why doesn’t unity provide something useful like this??”

Supports Instancing and Copy Methods: with Instancing, you can edit the mesh once, and all other objects sharing the same mesh will update to match, in real time. Alternatively, you can edit the mesh as a Copy, and it won’t change any others.

“This asset is extremely useful for quick level design fixes such as extending the legs of a fence, and other such minor modeling changes needed on a case-by-case basis. Highly recommended!”

Create Infinite Variations of a building, weapon, or character- QuickEdit lets you do this in seconds, and doesn’t clutter up your project folder.


Modify Objects to Fit – Boulders, trees, architectural details, walls, debris- not only can you make them all fit just right, you can add tons of diversity to your gameworld, with minimal effort.

Test Visual Changes – Don’t want to waste time bouncing between programs, importing and exporting, etc. QuickEdit makes it beautifully simple to try on new looks.

Save Time and Money – Instead of buying and learning complex modeling programs, just select the mesh, click, “Edit”, and use Unity’s own familiar tools and methods to modify the mesh however you like.

“Yes, great little plugin, as previous posters have said, for tweaking without having to tediously go back into your 3d modelling program.”

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