QuickDecals for Unity

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☑ Works with Unity Pro and Unity Personal
☑ Unity 5 Ready
☑ Backwards-compatible to Unity v4.6.8

☑ Source files included
☑ Requires one license per seat
☑ Educational/bulk discounts available

Quickly Add Visual Detail & Realism

A fast, intuitive Decal System for Unity


Decals are a great way to add visual detail, breakup tiling textures, and tell a story in your scene. Nothing in real life stays clean or perfect, and Decals are one of the best ways to add this necessary detail. They are also great for adding signs, instructions, and other “Player Helpers” for your game- all with very little performance cost.

QuickDecals is a decal placement system for Unity, emphasizing simple, intuitive controls and near-zero learning curve. You can jump in, learn just a few simple points, and get right to decorating your scene!

Example Uses:

  • Drips, dirt, and grunge
  • Blood splats
  • Wear and tear or decay
  • Bullet holes, burn marks, etc
  • Paint, graffiti, posters, etc
  • Signs and markings


NEW: Per-Decal Settings

Select any Decal, or many at once, and choose specific settings to use when placed in the Scene.

“Randomize” between Min and Max values for Scale and Rotation. Or, set a Fixed value to always use.

Settings are saved automatically, no need to rebuild!

NEW: Drag-n-Drop GUI

Drag decal textures directly from the Project Panel, into the QuickDecals window, to add them to the Collection.

Drop new textures into an existing Group, or create a new Group by dropping the texture on the “+” symbol.

Drag-n-drop decals between Groups at an time!

NEW: Atlas Generation

Now you can instantly generate Atlases to combine many decal textures into a single texture sheet.

Drag-n-Drop between Atlases, similar to Groups, then set Name and Padding per-Atlas.

Major performance boost, minimal work!

QuickDecals 2 makes it simple (and fun, honestly!), to add these details. I recommend watching the quick video to get all the details, but here’s the basic idea:

  • Drag-n-drop textures to the QuickDecals Window, then organize as needed
  • Set Per-Decal settings, one at a time or multiple at once
  • Pack Atlases to reduce drawcalls
  • Select one or multiple Decals (for randomizing) and “Shift + Right-Click” to place

As the above video shows, you can very quickly make any Unity scene look alive, exciting, and full of interesting detail! QuickDecals makes this simple to do, and extremely performance-friendly, thanks to the built-in atlas creation ability.

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