QuickBrush for Unity

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☑ Works with Unity Pro and Unity Personal
☑ Unity 5 Ready
☑ Backwards-compatible to Unity v4.5.2

☑ Source files included
☑ Requires one license per seat
☑ Educational/bulk discounts available

Place Easily, Decorate Quickly

The best tool for decorating large areas with speed and simplicity!

QuickBrush is a prefab placement tool that combines the speed and convenience of a Photoshop-style brush tool with several useful fine-tuning, masking, grouping and randomization features to make decorating your levels a snap and save you lots of time. Without this, placing large quantities of prefabs in a game level can be very time-consuming.

“This is a remarkable asset. It shows how excellent design can make an asset so easy that it’s a joy to use. No learning curve, no messing around. If every asset was this easy to use everybody would be making games!”

Simply Drag & Drop your prefabs into the QuickBrush editor window. Based on the settings you choose through the user friendly interface, the tool draws from the prefab list and “paints” objects into the scene with a click and drag of the cursor.

You can paint, erase, and use a precise individual placement mode, toggling between these functions with simple keyboard shortcuts.

“Another VERY useful tool from the PROCORE people for level and world building.”

QuickBrush Features

  • Easy Drag & Drop prefab selection
  • Painting / Erasing / Individual Placement Mode
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts
  • User controlled prefab randomization
  • Layer bound painting
  • Selection bound painting
  • Object grouping
  • Align to Surface
  • Align to Stroke
  • Randomized scale – overall/per-axis
  • Randomized rotation offsets – per axis
  • Several features & improvements in the works

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