ProGroups for Unity

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☑ Works with Unity Pro and Unity Personal
☑ Unity 5 Ready
☑ Backwards-compatible to Unity v4.7.0

☑ Source files included
☑ Requires one license per seat
☑ Educational/bulk discounts available

Instantly Hide, Freeze, and Select Groups of Objects

Get your Unity scene organized, without changing the hierarchy!

ProGroups allows you to organize objects in your scene into “selection sets”, without modifying the objects or hierarchy at all. Then, use the extremely intuitive and simple interface to quickly show or hide, freeze or unfreeze, and select entire groups at once.

Instantly hide all ceiling meshes, freeze all detail objects, select all spawn points…the possibilities are endless, and so is the potential for saving time and minimizing errors. These simple-to-use functions make Unity game development accelerate rapidly, and turn scene management into a fast, never-frustrating, experience.

“I really can’t say enough good things about the tool or the ProCore developers. This is great work from a great team of developers.”

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