ProGrids for Unity

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☑ Works with Unity Pro and Unity Personal
☑ Unity 5 Ready
☑ Backwards-compatible to Unity v4.6.3

☑ Source files included
☑ Requires one license per seat
☑ Educational/bulk discounts available

Design Quickly, Build Precisely

Industry-standard grid snapping, now available for Unity

Grid Snapping is a standard feature for all game engines, and ProGrids brings these  fundamental, essential tools  to Unity. By giving you both a visual and functional grid, which snaps on all 3 axis, ProGrids enables speed, precision, and quality in your level’s construction.

ProGrids is another tool we (and hundreds agree) feel is crucial to any type of Unity development. We built it specifically to fill a major gap in Unity’s editor functionality, and continue to develop it further, from both community suggestions and our own use. ProGrids now has over 300 reviews on the Unity Asset Store, and has always maintained a 5-star rating. Honestly, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it- see our Testimonials for proof of that!

“This tool is just Magic. You will kick yourself for not getting it sooner”

“This extension along with ProBuilder and Quick Decals has really made my life MUCH easier.”

“Absolutely amazing! This tool saves me ton of time aligning my objects and measuring jump distances between platforms. I have used this tool more than any other tool on the asset store.”

3D + 2D Grid

View the Grid in both Orthographic (Top, Left, Front, etc) and Perspective views

ProGrids + ProBuilder

ProGrids enables fast, precise geometry construction with ProBuilder

Precision & Speed

No more guesswork, no more tedious aligning, you’re done in a…snap?

With ProGrids turned ON, objects that you move in the editor will always snap exactly to the grid. You can change the size of the grid at any time, simply by typing a value in the Grid Size field. You will also see a visual grid in all views, including Perspective now. You can instantly change grid size, constrain snapping to certain axis, and quickly toggle the grid snaps or visuals on/off.

These simple features make level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise. It is especially handy for modular or tile-based environments in Unity, but you will find it significantly speeds up workflow and increases quality for all types of work.


  • Change grid size instantly
  • Choose grid units (Meters, Centimeters, Feet, Inches)
  • Toggle snapping on/off instantly
  • Toggle grid visuals on/off instantly
  • Show angle guidelines
  • Snap on all axis, or only on current movement axis
  • Customize grid colors and opacity
  • NEW: Toggle perspective grid (X, Y, Z, or 3D)

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