ProBuilder for Unity

Prototype Rapidly: Build basic or advanced geometry, right in Unity, with zero creative barriers. Devs agree, ProBuilder is wicked fast and incredibly easy to use.

Play Instantly: Playtest at any time, then edit immediately, and never leave Unity. No time (or sanity) wasted.

Perfect Easily: Go advanced with complete UV unwrapping and more, or, export your models to OBJ and detail externally!

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✔ Unity Pro and Personal
✔ Unity 2017.x Ready
✔ All Unity-Supported Platforms
✔ Source files included

New! Build and collaborate in real-time with Scene Fusion + ProBuilder. The ultimate fast-iteration workflow for teams!

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Quick Tutorial:

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ProBuilder Basic

Rapid Prototyping for All!
  • Build & Edit by Vertex, Edge, and Face
  • Delete Faces now available in Basic!
  • Extrude and Inset
  • Flip Normals
  • Apply Vertex Colors per-face
  • Basic Parametric Shapes (Cube, Prism, Stairway, etc)
  • Apply any material (including Substance!)
  • Automatic texture UVs
  • Automatic lightmap UVs
  • Edit pivot position
  • Automatic Collision mesh
  • +…complete feature comparison here

Basic vs Advanced

ProBuilder Basic includes the core, essential features of ProBuilder. Great for rapid prototyping and basic usage.

ProBuilder Advanced adds support for subdivision, edge-loop modeling, manual UV unwrapping, optimization, and many more advanced features. Also, a great way to say “thanks”, and support continued development of ProBuilder!

Purchase Options:

Purchase on the Unity Asset Store


Can I use ProBuilder Basic commercially? Yes! There are zero usage restrictions for either version. Indie or pro, personal or commercial, we are simply happy to know our tools  have helped your development!

Can I upgrade from Basic to Advanced? Of course- just purchase ProBuilder Advanced, and perform a standard install, the same as you would if upgrading to a new version. All your models, UVs, textures, etc, will remain the same.

Dedicated Support and Community

Need help? Found a bug? Have a feature request? Post to the ProCore Forum and you’ll get answers right away, directly from us or our friendly community. If it’s an especially tricky problem, we’ll even jump on Skype for a one-on-one and get it solved, right away.

Notable Features and Functions

These are just a few of ProBuilder’s features- see the Documentation for a full list + details

General Features

UV Editing + Texturing

Geometry/3D Modeling

“Smart” GUI   ProBuilder’s GUI dynamically adapts to your Element Mode and selection. This way, all possible functions are always available, but only when you need them, retaining a sleek and slim GUI.
Fast, Powerful Texturing   Use standard drag-and-drop, “QuickPaint”, or the keyboard-enabled Material Palette to quickly apply materials to individual faces or entire objects. ProBuilder automatically optimizes and tracks sub-meshes and UVs.
Extrude   One of ProBuilders best features- select any face or open edge, and simply hold shift while Moving, Rotating, or Scaling to extrude. You can even extrude multiple faces/edges at once!
Vertex Coloring   Use the Vertex Colors feature to quickly apply overlay colors to individual faces- especially great for early map testing, and designating team areas.
Automatic UVs   By default, ProBuilder automatically tracks and updates UVs so you can build distraction-free. Auto-UVs also allow control of Rotation, Tiling, Offset, Fit Method, and more.
Subdivide   Quickly add detail to meshes using Subdivide- each selected face will be divided into four new faces, resulting in 4x polygon resolution. Can also be applied to an entire object at once.
Merge Objects   Select any number of ProBuilder Objects, and click Merge to collapse them into a single mesh. Great for saving drawcalls, and you can always detach sections later, by using the “Detach” action.
Manual UV Editing   New in v2.3, ProBuilder features a complete UV Editor window, for manual unwrapping and fine-grained control. Includes projection modes, UV welding, seam control, element pivots, and much more.
Edge Loop Modeling   ProBuilder is also geared for the powerful “Edge Loop Modeling” workflow, with Loop, Ring, Insert Loop, Connect, Edge Extrusion, and many more edge-focused features. “Edge Loop Modeling” is ideal for fast construction and clean geometry.
Trigger and Collision Types   Build a shape, then use ProBuilder to mark it as a “Collision” or “Trigger” type- ProBuilder automatically sets all the right flags, applies a special material, and stores it’s “Entity Type”. Collision and Trigger types can be globally toggled on/off with a single button, and will always automatically hide when the game starts.
In-Scene UV Control   For quick, intuitive control of UVs, you can Move, Rotate, or Scale right on the object- there’s no simpler method!
Smoothing   Set both Smooth and Hard face groups with the Smoothing control panel- giving you complete control to force sharp edges or smoothed contours, exactly as you need.
OBJ Export + ProBuilderize   At any time, you can export your ProBuilder geometry to OBJ format, for modification in an external 3D program or just to save. Inversely, you can even “ProBuilderize” imported models to make them editable with ProBuilder!
“Auto-Stitch” UV Editing   We are very proud of developing this one- a unique blend of manual UVs and auto-layout. Select a face, hold CTRL, and click through adjacent faces to automatically unwrap and stitch. Incredibly fast and precise!
Detach, Delete, Bridge   Select faces and hit “Backspace” to Delete them. Or, simply Detach faces using the GUI button. If you need to repair, or just fill in gaps, Bridge will connect between selected edges.
Set Pivot Location   Exact pivot location is important, and ProBuilder gives you full control. Use “Set Pivot” to push an object’s pivot to any Vertex, Edge, or Face position, or to the center of multiple elements.
Material Palette   Use the Material Palette to quickly apply materials, without needing to sort through your project every time. You can also pick from the scene, “QuickPaint” (right-click to apply), and use keyboard shortcuts to apply materials.
Grow, Shrink, Invert Selection   Selecting the right elements can be a PITA- ProBuilder has options to help. Use the Grow Selection (with option to Grow by Angle!), Shrink Selection, and Invert Selection tools to save time and limit tedious clicking.
Procedural Shapes   Choose a Shape to start with, then set many unique parameters, such as Height, Width, Depth, Number of Cuts, and more. Example include: Cone, Arch, Pipe, Stairway, Door, Cylinder, Sprite, and many more.
Weld, Collapse, & Split Vertices   Vertices can be welded together within a custom range, collapsed down to a single vertex regardless of distance, or split apart per-edge, for complete geometry control.
…and much, much more! ProBuilder includes too many features to list here. View the Documentation for complete info!