"ProBuilder is awesome, I can build a working level in a day and love evey moment of it."
- Piotr Iwanicki, SUPERHOT Team

Secret Legend

"I use PB pretty much every day :). I bought it well before I started work on this project, but realized early on in development that it was the perfect tool for the job. Thanks for the continual improvements and responding to feedback!"

- Andrew Shouldice, Secret Legend

Cosmic Trip

"When we first started developing our VR strategy game 'Cosmic Trip', we relied on the ProBuilder Plugin to allow us to quickly sketch out environments and assets for us to prototype. Probuilder is no doubt a valuable asset to use for any stage of the development pipeline."

- Eddie Lee, Funktronic Labs

ProBuilder VR

“…it’s like probuilder, in vr”

-anonymous wizard

What is ProBuilder VR?

PB-VR is an experimental add-on for Unity, which lets you build and edit geometry from within your VR headset.

This is made possible via Unity’s new and also experimental “Editor VR” tools.

Can I use ProBuilder VR?

Sure! While PB-VR is still in early development, we’re making it free to download and use. See the “Getting Started” section for more info.

Keep in mind– both ProBuilder VR and Unity EditorVR are very early prototypes. Expect bugs, send us your feedback, and have fun!

Getting Started with ProBuilder VR

Something broken/confusing? We’re here to help!

ProBuilder VR Official Support Forum

Install and Setup

Optional: Interested in using the very latest builds, and actively participating in ProBuilder VR development? Jump straight to the public ProBuilder VR GitHub page

Step 1: Download Unity VR Build

  • This is a special version of Unity that was created for EditorVR
  • We highly recommend installing in a seperate folder, such as “C:/Program Files (x86)/Unity-VR”, this way you won’t overwrite your existing Unity install
  • Yes, the link uses a weird “” redirect, that’s just what Unity provides- feel free to double check the link via their official post

Step 2: Download ProBuilder VR

  • This single package contains everything you need to get started with ProBuilder VR
  • Do not download the EditorVR Unity package- ProBuilder VR uses a snapshot from the development branch
  • You do not need to download the Vive or Oculus packages, we’ve included them here

Step 3: Create a new Unity Project

  • Make sure you use the special EditorVR version of Unity, which you installed in Step 1 above
  • Name it something really cool. This is gonna be fun.

Step 4: Import ProBuilder VR

Important Notes:

  • Once again, do not import the standard Unity EditorVR package

Using ProBuilder VR

Visual Learner? Watch the video above instead! Or, go here:

First, open the Editor VR window by choosing “Window > Editor VR” from Unity’s menu bar.

Once the Editor VR window opens, pop on your VR headset and get started!

Activate the ProBuilder tools

Using the hand you prefer to build with, trigger-click the Unity logo at the base of the other hand’s controller.

When the “Rotating Box Menu” appears, rotate it till you see the face labeled “ProBuilder”. Here, use the ray to trigger-click the “Create Shape” button.

The ProBuilder VR “bracelet” GUI should now appear on your hand- congrats, you are ready to build!

The ProBuilder VR GUI

Currently, there are only two buttons:

The furthest button enables Shape Creation, and is cleverly disguised as a 3D shape.

The closest button displays a triangle with edges, and enables Face Editing controls.

Shape Creation

Point the ray at a surface- the Shape Drawing Grid will appear on that surface, at a grid size relative to it’s distance from you.

Trigger-Click and hold to begin drawing a new Shape. Drag to size, then release the trigger to commit the base. Now, move/point the ray to set the Shape depth, and trigger-click to commit the final Shape. Done!

Face Editing

Point the ray at a surface- it will highlight blue to indicate selection.

Trigger-Click and hold, then move the selected Face by pointing your ray where you’d like it to move to- this sounds strange, but try it and you’ll understand easily 🙂

Alternatively, you can dip the Unity “control cone” into the surface- it will highlight in purple this time. Now, you use Trigger-Click like before, but move your hand and the selected Face will move with it. Neat!

That’s it, folks…

…for now! Lots more coming soon, give it a try and let us know your thoughts and suggestions, thanks very much!

Something broken/confusing? We’re here to help!

ProBuilder VR Official Support Forum

ProBuilder VR Roadmap

For a more comprehensive list, and to get involved, join the public GitHub!

In-Progress or Near Future

  • Snapping to Edge and Vertex
  • More shapes (Arch, Stairway, Sphere, etc)

Long-Term Planning

  • More geo editing: Extrusion, cuts, etc
  • Basic Material/UV editing
  • Custom locomotion
  • Use controller buttons for one-handed use