ProBuilder for Unreal Engine 4

What is ProBuilder?

ProBuilder is a tool for building and editing geometry directly inside the Unreal Editor.

Is this “BSP”?

Nope! ProBuilder creates simple, happy, mesh-based geometry, exactly the same as imported models.

I don’t know how to model 🙁

Perfect! Many of our users are first-time modelers, programmers, etc, and they tell us ProBuilder is incredibly easy to learn and use.

What about Blender/Max/etc?

Those tools are GREAT for high-detail items, but for low-detail or prototype geometry, nothing beats the speed of building, playtesting, and editing instantly in the editor!

What can I create?

Anything! Level design and grayboxing, environment props, weapons, anatomically precise (or not) 3D-statues of yourself…

Gee, that sounds swell! But is it proven?

You betchya! Over the past 5 years, ProBuilder for Unity has been tested and given thumbs-up from all kinds of awesome creators and creatives, including STRAFE, Manifold Garden, and Tinertia! It also holds a 5-star rating with nearly a 100 written reviews.

ProBuilder in the Unity Engine:

Games built with ProBuilder for Unity:

!NEW! Early Beta Demo Video V1

Procuring the ProBuilder

(for Unreal Engine)

UPDATE (May 15 2017) – Development is currently paused while we evaluate the new Unreal modeling tools- thanks for your patience!