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Polybrush for Unity

Polybrush brings several exciting level design tools to the Unity editor: Mesh Sculpting, Vertex Color Painting, and Texture Blending.

Now, directly in the editor, you can sculpt complex shapes, paint in custom lighting or coloring, and blend textures across meshes.

Polybrush is a natural extension of Unity’s famous “WYSIWYG” workflow, and is even compatible with ProBuilder meshes for the complete in-editor level design solution.

Purchase and Download

To purchase direct from ProCore, use the “Add to Cart” button below, then download anytime via the User Toolbox. Or, purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

✔ Unity Pro and Personal
✔ Unity 5 Ready
✔ All Unity-Supported Platforms

✔ Source files included
✔ Educational/bulk discounts available

Polybrush is currently in BETA – purchase early for $65 and help us test, or wait till final release and purchase for $95