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Polybrush (BETA)

Like Terrain Tools…but for Meshes!

Polybrush works with any imported mesh, or even ProBuilder meshes, enabling:

  • Sculpting
  • Vertex color painting
  • Texture Blending
  • Mesh Scattering

Create spherical worlds (or any shape), sculpt organic shapes, blend geometry, paint on grunge, snow, mud, and much more.


Getting Started with Polybrush

Don’t forget: Polybrush is still in Beta, so please expect issues and send us info if any occur- thanks for your help!

Polybrush is still growing, so check back often for updates! We recommend you start with the overview video here, and browse the online Documentation for the latest info.

More learning resources:

Support Forum

Sculpt Geometry

Great for custom terrain sections and organic objects.

Blend Textures

Includes ready-to-use blend shaders, and customization options.

Paint Vertex Colors

Create colorful shapes, enhance textures, or even hand-paint lighting.

Scatter Detail Meshes

Add rocks, grass, debris, and other minor geometry details.

Curious what you could make with these tools? Need inspiration? Check out the Developer Showcase, and our new Demo Reel!