ProBuilder Tutorial: Greyboxing a Radar Dish

Every good video game has a Radar Dish. Maybe even two? Push the envelope!

Step 1: Create the Starter Shape

  1. Click the “New Shape” button, or hit “CTRL SHIFT K”
  2. Choose the “Cylinder” type
  3. Set settings satisfactorily
  4. Click “Build Cylinder” to complete it

More Info:

Test out the various settings, and other shape types, to get a feel for what’s available. There’s lots to use here!

Step 2: Form the “Dish”

  1. Select the center verts (make sure you get top and bottom: see “Select Hidden“)
  2. Pull down to create the dish shape

More Info:

Need a more rounded shape? Try adding some extra loops between the center and outer verts.

Step 3: Group UVs for Better Texturing

  1. All those “chopped up” textures/UVs on the inside look ugly- let’s fix that!
  2. Select just one face on the inner surface
  3. Open the “Grow Selection” panel and ensure you have “Select by Angle” enabled, and “Iterative” disabled
  4. Click “Grow” or hit “ALT G” to grow the selection to the full surface (saves you many clicks)
  5. Open the UV Editor – ignore all those UVs, we’re taking the easy route!
  6. Scroll down in the UV tools panel, and click “Group Faces”

Watch the Texturing Tutorial:

Step 4: Build the Supports

  1. Start with a Cube – hit “CTRL K”
  2. Extrude and manipulte to create a quick, simple support/base for the Dish
  3. Move the Dish to the support object, rotate it as needed
  4. Make the Dish a child of the support object, so they will move together

Watch the Modeling Tutorial:

Step 5: Get Back to Level Design!

That’s it! Your Radar Dish is ready for use- at this point, you should probably start preparing your GDC awards speech.

More Info:

  • Consider adding some Vertex Colors, animate the dish, maybe even make it destructable- remember, a ProBuilder mesh is just like an imported mesh, anything is possible!