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Selection center should not equal average of selection (details)

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This image demonstrates the exact issue I'm going to talk about:


I've been working on customizing ProGrids/ProBuilder quite a bit, and this issue is one I'm not as sure about how to handle.  It's kind of a bug, kind of a feature request.


Basically, I have ~72 vertices selected here.  It's perfectly symmetrical and aligned to the grid, but the averaged pivot is not.  It's not aligned because it's using the average of the vertices' positions, which takes into account the selected "vertices" attached to the faces on the right.


Even if it didn't, I still wouldn't want this behavior.  When you're doing scaling and rotating operations, it's MUCH better to use the average of the min/max of the selected elements.  It gives the user much better control over the pivot during these operations.  In the example above, you can see how scaling could result in lots of non-grid-aligned verts.


So please, use the center of the extents of the selected components for pivot position, not the average of the selected components' positions.

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