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2.3 Auto NoDraw Extension

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This is for version 2.3


I'm not sure if you want beta stuff posted here. Feel free to delete if not.


I was messing with the Auto Nodraw window tonight. I suspected it might be very handy to have an Invert Selection then apply NoDraw button as well as a Remove NoDraw and Invert Selection then Remove NoDraw buttons. I found it very helpful in fixing some gaps left by my models. 

I've included a screen shot of what I added. I just cobbled existing stuff together. It could perhaps stand to be refactored a bit especially if any more tools find their way into that window.






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Hey, thanks Solus! Love to see new extensions. This is indeed the correct forum, beta or no beta, since it's an extension :)


Karl would have more specific input on anything that might need to be re-factored/etc. I do think we are moving towards removing NoDraw entirely though...or at least renaming it so we don't get sued by Valve, ha!

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