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Thoughts, suggestions, requests, ideas- it all goes here!

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ProBuilder is being developed, first and foremost, as an essential part of my own game development, not just a commercial tool. This means, ProBuilder is always in active development- if there's an issue, I'm just as anxious to solve it as you are, and just as excited about new features and functionality.

While the core of ProBuilder will remain faithful to the "Hammer World Editor" initial inspiration, I am always open to your requests, ideas, and suggestions. As the user base expands, I imagine many of you will find new and especially clever uses for ProBuilder, leading to specialized features and improvements. Other's will simply come at ProBuilder from a totally different angle then I have, and devise incredibly handy additions that I would never have thought of.

Maybe, you just want to discuss a particular feature, use, or even shortcoming of ProBuilder. Or, describe how you used ProBuilder on a certain project, and methods you found helpful, in order to help others who are just learning- any of these would be be great to see.

I genuinely look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

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