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ProBuilder code is really nice.

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I find the source code easy to understand and update with my own changes. Good organization, naming conventions, and pretty clean. Source commenting I give a B+.


I spent a day adding a feature I wanted for my own workflow, and yeah... I had to learn what the different data structures are for and where different pieces of functionality are. But even with that, it was still a little faster than writing the same feature from vanilla Unity.  So it makes me feel like I can use ProBuilder without worry. If the product gets abandoned for some reason or I hit a limitation, I can make my own updates to the code.



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Source commenting I give a B+.



Haha, that's actually pretty generous  :P


I'm working on commenting more things as I go, look for improvements on this front in coming releases.


Good to know that people are finding it easy to use though, I tried pretty hard to make things usable for other people to expand on!

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