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CTF map for our arena FPS.

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Hey all. I'm the art director, music composer and level designer on our game Project Nex. It's likely that we'll go mostly BSP on our game to save money for other aspects of the project. Lucky us Pro Builder and Pro Grids is a thing that we can use in Unity.






We'd love to know what you think.

You can check our project at:





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Thanks for sharing, these look great! We'll definitely share these out and get you guys much-deserved attention.


If you would like to create a video demoing your workflow, and how ProCore has helped, that's something we are hoping to start seeing much more of, and we'd certainly share that as much as possible, as well.


Looking forward to more!


One critique- the lighting in the images and video seems a bit flat, are you not using bounced lighting? Or, your Ambient Light might be too high. Especially in corners/etc, the lighting does not change, and feels incorrect. Adding some Ambient Occlusion to the bake would really help as well.

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Sounds awesome! I'll speak with the team about doing a video on it all. Right now all of the lighting is unbaked. It takes forever to do, and basically means for some time I have to find other things to do that aren't pc related because the bakes can take so long. Hopefully soon I can get more time to tweak the lighting. I'm spoiled by AAA lighting systems and working in Unity's is annoying. By that I mean a lack of lighting parameters on the light assets themselves, nothing wrong with Beast or light probes.


Here are some more up to date shots. There are various textre glitches or sloppiness here and there, but I'll clean it up later on.


This is the bottom basement area that is a straight shot to each base. I am going to try to break up the line of sight to make it more protected. The downside of this is just that for the player the bottom path is the hardest, but it has the most sight blockage as the advantage.





This room is one of the most important areas that allows you to jump to the basement area from the higest path area.





Here is another room/hallway that you can use to get to the central map area. Less open than the previous room in terms of line of sight. Our game has wall running type mechanics and wall jumping so those yellow bars allow you to slide across them to make a big leap through the rocky upper opening.





More cosmetic updates. I removed the nonsensible brick pillar in place of some ibeam type of things. Line of sight just needs to be blocked there.





More cosmetic updates + some texturing mishaps. Our game logo is there for when we send out prealpha builds to people. Inidcators for wall jump areas of interest. This map is full of trick jumps.




Hope you like.

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Nice! Keep 'em coming, and keep me updated :)


I understand on the lighting/bake time woes, was just that the blue lights looked baked in and I wondered why there wasn't baked lighting elsewhere.

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Hey guys! I just noticed you have that fancy, very cool, footer with logos for the tools you are using- mind adding "ProBuilder" to that footer? We'd really appreciate it! :) I can send you logo files, just let me know what size(s) you need. Thanks!

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