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"Show All" function

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The following are some observations I've made while incorporating ProGroups into past project files just for the joy of having it available if/when I have to update something.


In larger scenes ,a city for example, I have made upwards of a dozen groups to help me organize the scene. Perhaps I go a bit overboard, but it sure does help me hone in on the little things that need attention. I have found it tedious at times when I would hide several groups to focus on tweaking certain things and then I would have to click on each individual group to make sure everything was showing. It would be nice to have a "Show All" feature to avoid this.


When entering Play Mode for testing, I have at times forgotten to make hidden groups visible. If all groups became visible when Play Mode is entered this would save a few clicks here and there. I have a tendency to switch back and forth from editing to testing every few minutes when tweaking a level to make sure everything looks nice from the player perspective...as mentioned I have caught myself on several occasion with something in the scene hidden.

Perhaps this could be added as an optional feature in a ProGroups preferences window, something like "Make All Groups Visible in Play Mode"


Hope I haven't rambled too much.

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Great idea to have an automatic "Show All" when entering Play Mode! All groups would of course revert to previous show/hide upon exting Play Mode. I'll try to work that in ASAP, thanks :)

A simple "Show All" button could be added, for sure. I'll get that in at the same time as the above update.

Thanks again for the suggestions, love to hear that you are using ProGroups to it's fullest.


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