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Getting the ball rolling: About "sixbyseven"

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"Introduce Yourself" might seem a little silly to some, but if I've learned anything in my years of refusing-to-ever-make-another-resume, it is that personal connections, openness to critique, and being inspired by others are crucial to success. So, if you feel like sharing, let us know a bit about yourself, your projects, etc.


"sixbyseven" is a single fellow (myself), although I am always working with talented folks like Verge Game Studio, CG Cookie, and Studio2a. Ironically, "sixbyseven" was originally just a game-making hobby while working full-time as an architectural 3D artist at Studio2a. Studio2a was unique in that they were very cool "bosses" who played quite a bit of Team Fortress 2 (TF2), and we ended up making many custom maps and items for the game. In doing so, I became very familiar with the "Hammer" world editor that Valve uses, so much so that I began to prefer it to using 3DS Max for architectural work. I also realized, "man, the workflow in Unity is serious crippled by not having this sort of functionality!"

So, I searched for a plugin/extension with BSP functionality, found nothing, and decided to make one. Long story short, I learned Editor scripting from the ground up, went through several months and many trashed prototypes, but eventually came up with ProBuilder 1.0, and put "sixbyseven" on the map.

As of writing this, I am working on bringing ProBuilder to it's full potential, with v2.0 within sight. I also have high hopes for the smaller tools, ProGrids, QuickEdit, ProGroups and others, all of which each aim to add "industry standard" functionality (that is, features that nearly all other game engines have), to Unity 3D. Having worked with many other game engines that do have these essential features, I can honestly say- give these tools a try, and your productivity will absolutely skyrocket. Much more importantly, your sanity might just be saved!

I also work with the incredibly talented and driven folks at "Verge Game Studio", who are making a game that will truly blow your mind. Don't think, just check it out!

As what little time I have left, I record Unity tutorials and help out on game projects with "CG Cookie"- most recently the lovable and addictive "Eat Sheep" for iOS. CG Cookie has also been a key ally in pushing sixbyseven forward, and are simply great people all around- if you are looking to learn Unity, Blender, Max, or Concept Painting, give them a look, and don't hesitate to purchase their "Citizen" membership.

As for making my own games, well- that's been on hold for some time now, unfortunately. Making tools is enjoyable in it's own way, but games are my real passion, and hopefully I can move priority to those soon!

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I had no idea "sixbyseven" is a single fellow"  I assumed that there was a team of about six or seven ;-)


From the professional way your product is portrayed and supported it certainly seems like there is a large team doing it.


I'm sure you know that many assets don't have a website yet and their support is sketchy at best.


ProCore imho is one of the most professional assets on the store.

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Thanks nomax5!


Sadly, I'm just one fellow, heh ;) Luckily I wizened up and pulled in Karl around...v1.5 or so, to do the real tech dev. I've also been working with a couple artists here and there, to create levels/maps/etc showcasing ProBuilder.

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