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How to use pro builder to simulate car mesh damage and repair

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How to use pro builder  to simulate car mesh damage and repair.


So given the basic car asset given with unity.


So I have got as far as converting a car mesh into a pro builder mesh.

I could create 5 states of damage 1 is no damage 5 is completely messed up.

Then I have a car health and at various health levels i show one mesh and hide the others.

so 100 percent health = show healthy mesh 1

80 to 99 show damaged mesh 2 + smoke particles + cracked glass

60-79 show damaged mesh 3 + smoke particles + cracked glass

40-59 show damaged mesh 4+ smoke particles + cracked glass

1- 39 show damaged mesh 5+ smoke particles + cracked glass

0= show absolute messed up car mesh + smoke particles + cracked glass


What about using the collision to damage the mesh in real time using scripts?




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Hi! Using multiple pre-made meshes should be simple, and could look good if the damage isn't too specific (doors fall off, bumper hanging, etc).

I agree, it'd be very cool if you could use the collision to dent/smash specific bits of the mesh! Seems very doable. I'd start by looking at the "API Examples" in the Asset Store version of ProBuilder (download that to a clean, separate project, if you are using ProBuilder 3.x via Package Manager).

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