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Broken wall

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Just wondering if there are any tips on how I can create a "broken wall"? I have attached a screenshot of some walls I am creating and want them to have a more "natural" broken, decayed, damaged look.

Right now, I have just been using Connect Edges to make some new edges and then just grabbed the new edge to push/pull them into the shape I want.

The walls still don't look right though. I am trying to make the ends of the walls have a more broken appearance rather than looking "straight" like they are now.5a8a02045775a_DesktopScreenshot2018_02.18-16_39_17_54.thumb.png.b869b89c2419a664b6ed4d6f7eba1ebd.png



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Hi! Hmm, this is something that is often struggled with. There are probably lots of good threads on various 3d modeling forums/etc, and youtube videos. Won't really matter what tool is used, the style/method is all that matters.

Myself, I'd say you just need to add some more cuts into the edge so you can "randomize" it more, and also don't forget you can always make a separate chunk of high-detail "broken wall" that overlaps the edge. That way, your actual wall can remain low poly and easy to edit, but you get a super-detailed broken edge look :)

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