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Set drag rect mode add to edge tab

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Yes the description says affects all 3 when really it only does faces and shouldn't mention edges and verts at all.. For edges the setting complete could mean if drag encompasses entire edge between 2 vertices it is selected. Intersect same as now, if it touches any edge. Then with that setup add the button to edges tab. Then it would make sense and be useful.I could easily drag and select all edges at the bottom of a cube without also selecting the side edges due the the complete setting.

I do think set pivot and center pivot should be one button where you chose what the pivot button does



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Tooltip: oops, you are correct, I'll get that fixed ASAP, sorry for the confusion :)

Intersect vs Complete options in Edge mode: would love to, but probably won't have time in the near future. On our list though!

Center Pivot: we have two separate buttons because one is specifically for the Object, and the other only for Elements. A single button would require settings-swapping every time a different method was required, I'm not sure that would be best?


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