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Edge Flip command in Edge Selection mode

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Currently I can use Edge Flip to flip the edge of a quad, but when I have a triangulated mesh, I often want to flip any number of edges, but currently need to make them into quads, then re-triangulate them.

For example:


Note the 4 steps to flip a single edge:

  1. Select both triangles on either side of the edge.
  2. Merge Faces into a quad.
  3. Flip Face Edge of the quad.
  4. Triangulate Faces to return the quad back into triangles.

I would love to have a Flip Edge option in Edge Selection mode. (I wouldn't have thought to find Flip Face Edge in Face Selection mode, honestly, and had to do a lot of searching to discover it.) When clicked, selected edges that share triangles on either side would swap their connected verts as if the user had completed the 4 steps above swapping the two shared verts with the two unshared verts, only without any actual merging/triangulation on the user's part.

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Hi there!

Maybe better would be, we enable the "Flip Triangles" if you have 2 adjacent tris selected? I think that would be more intuitive and direct, and make use of the existing Flip tool. I do know we've had a few other requests for this (can't remember where exactly, right now, but it's been asked), so I'll create a task for this to track it, and @karl can look into it. Seems clear on the surface, but there's almost always something more to be considered :)

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I think the reason I intuitively expected it to be in the 'edge' section is because of Maya's Flip Edge which I used to use constantly when modeling back in the day. I'd just 'select-flip-select-flip' edges all over the place until the edges were all cleaned up. If it was selecting two triangles, then it's more 'select-select-flip-select-select-flip' which doesn't sound like that big a difference, but would definitely be slower. 

But I'll take whatever I can get. Thanks!

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