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Sharing "Meshes Are Assets" between MeshFilters failing when reloading scene

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Newly registered but using ProBuilder for a while (I own ProCore).

I started using it to model low-poly floor and need to duplicate the mesh between the actual green floor with MeshCollider and a second GameObject with the same mesh and a different material for DirectX 11 Grass Shader.  I figured I could use the new "Meshes are assets" flag and set the resultant mesh asset as the mesh for the grass GameObject.   (Side benefit: won't require saving a new copy of my scene in version control hopefully!)

However every time I load my scene, the second MeshFilter loses reference to the mesh.  I notice the name in the original PB MeshFilter has changed (and it's still not the name that is shown in the Project Window!).

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Oh, Unity 5.6.3 on Windows in case relevant.


(I can update with screenshots if useful)

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Does the grass editor modify the mesh? It looks like it has some scripts that would touch the mesh, and if it does that can prevent ProBuilder from working correctly. I'd suggest instead of using Meshes Are Assets to model your terrain as usual then export to Asset or some other model format.

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