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QuickBrush - Bug/Warning

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Received two warning message on a brand new, fresh project.  All I have loaded on the project is all of the ProCore tools (Builder, Grids, Groups, Brush, Decals, QuickEdit).  Unity Version 2017.1.1.1f1.  Please clean it up for the next release.

Below is the Warning Message 1. 

Assets/ProCore/QuickBrush/Editor/Windows/qb_Painter.cs(1719,13): warning CS0618: `UnityEditor.Handles.ArrowCap(int, UnityEngine.Vector3, UnityEngine.Quaternion, float)' is obsolete: `Use ArrowHandleCap instead'

Below is the Warning Message 2. 

Assets/ProCore/QuickBrush/Editor/Windows/qb_Painter.cs(2581,24): warning CS0253: Possible unintended reference comparison. Consider casting the right side expression to type `UnityEngine.Object' to get value comparison

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