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Apply color to selected vertex/vertices

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I did try this.  It doesn't seem to be working properly, or as I would expect it to.

Here is a use case scenario.  Let's say that one has a mesh that consists of a plane that has 1 subdivision (so it is evenly divided with three vertices on each side and one in the middle, effectively four quads).  Let's also say that all of the initial vertex colors are white.  If one were to use the paint tool to apply a color (say, red) to the vertex in the center of the mesh, that would create a gradient effect from that vertex out to all of the other vertices.  That is the expected behavior.  If one were to do the same with the palette option, the gradient effect does not emanate out to all of the vertices, only some.  Being able to select vertices, apply a color, and have that effect be the same as if the vertices were painted is the what I am referring to.

Make sense?

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